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Discovery of Imaging Studies for an EMR

A la XDS-I.

Referencing an Image as part of another FHIR Resource (Observation, Media, DiagnosticReport, QuestionanireResponse)

Another Resource, such as an Observation or DiagnosticReport need to reference a specific instance or frame, or set of instances relevant to the resource. This could be inclusion of an instance of interest in a report, or a set of instances from which a measurement (Observation) is derived.

(Moved to Draft of ImagingReference for R5)

DICOMDIR / Index of resources on media

  • When storing DICOM XML / JSON resources to removable media there is no DICOMDIR equivalent defined
  • A bundle of ImagingStudy resources could be used with file URLs as part of the endpoints
  • Possible solution to DICOMweb application/zip case

Use Case 4


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