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  1. Develop and support FHIR imaging-related resources - September 2018-September 2021
  2. Develop imaging implementation guide, profiles, and white papers for FHIR - January 2019-May 2020
    1. Potential topics include Integrated Modality Worklist (MWL), Proxy to a DICOM archive, When to use FHIR and when to use DICOMweb, Authentication/networking across a FHIR and DICOMweb ecosystem, Dose, and Applying Operations (FHIR and non-FHIR) within Imaging
  3. Specialty-specific workflows (cardiovascular - echo/cath reporting, decision support, informatics; ophthalmology; etc), measurements and reports - January 2018-January 2020
  4. Develop and support context-sharing between information and imaging systems (FHIRcast) - September 2018-January 2020
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