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Minutes t-con-FHIRcast

April 30, 2020


(Imaging Integration Information Systems)



Imaging Integration

Voting Members Present


AAPM/Univ. of Arkansas Med Sci.                        Larry Tarbox

Agfa                                                                           Bill Wallace

Change Healthcare                                                 Elliot Silver

DICOM                                                                      Carolyn Hull

GE Healthcare                                                          Chris Lindop, Co-Chair

Siemens Healthineers                                             Eric Martin

Vital/Canon                                                             Jonathan Whitby, Co-Chair

Voting Members Not Present

ACR                                                                           Jim Philbin

ACR/Northwestern Mem. Hospital                       Brian Bialecki

Canon Medical Research                                        Kevin O’Donnell

Carl Zeiss                                                                  Regis Deshayes

Corista                                                                      David Allen

GE Healthcare                                                          Steve Nichols

Laitek                                                                        Fred Behlen

Merge                                                                       Ken Meyer

NCI/CBIIT                                                                 Ulrike Wagner

NMPA                                                                       Jia Zheng

NVIDIA                                                                      Brad Genereaux

Philips                                                                       Chris Melo

Philips                                                                       Bas van den Heuvel

PixelMed                                                                  David Clunie

Sectra                                                                        Niklas Svenzen

Web3D Consortium                                                Nicholas Polys

Alternate Voting Members, Observers, Guests Present

Epic                                                                           Will Maethner

Epic                                                                           Isaac Vetter

Philips                                                                       Ricardo Quintano

  1. Opening
    1. Call to order, introductions, welcome- The meeting was called to order, and introductions made.
    2. Review & approval of the Agenda -Agenda approved.
    3. Antitrust rules and DICOM Patent Policy- Antitrust statement and patent policy read per NEMA guidelines .
  2. IHE AIW-I (AI Workflow for Imaging)

Update from Chris Lindop: There is a CP out for DICOM. Public comment period has ended. Now IHE is resolving comments. AI Results profile had 400+ comments, Workflow has nearly 300 comments.

Expanding input/output data to include FHIR (included a CP for that). Part of the Profile-reporting workflow prioritization. This part is under review with IHE now.

  1. FHIR ImagingReference:

Isaac Vetter: The change the group discussed w/Breast Cancer Radiology – is under review, in the May ballot now.

  1. FHIRcast PSS - vote to co-sponsor PSS as InM updates PSS and becomes sponsor

Isaac Vetter: Lloyd McKenzie reached out to IV to let know needed to update the PSS for the next milestone to define what the next milestone is. It was May 2020.

IV is updating deliverables and objectives. There was a second STU targeted for May 2020,  and it was completed early. IV will be updating this info—when is web socket info (item?) going to be updated? And define a STU.

Item that most impacts Img. Integration—for Imaging & Management has made this the main group (for updates?). Want to ensure not limiting capabilities of spec. as STU ballot wraps up, make I&M primary sponsor, II will be a cosponsor. Need to update PSS.

Need an II working group vote to clarify that II is interested in a working group as level of cosponsor.

What does that mean for companies if II is just a cosponsor for this?

Discussion of voting on items re: PSS —DICOM voting matter, DICOM membership; HL7 matter, HL7 membership. Official stance is they are two separate Working Groups. Theoretically, would not change status to this, should’ve had HL7 membership. Switch to I&M may change how that is reflected.

Committee participation-relaxed and free to everyone.

Vote: II continue sponsorship of this product. Approved. 7-0-0.

  1. FHIRcast STU1 release 2 – status update
  1. May Connectathon
    1. Overall status update: Running a FHIRcast Track for virtual May Connectathon- May 13-15~~Zoom. If interested, highly encourage. Registration on HL7 events page. Survey to indicate primary track.
  2. Block-Vote-2 and zulip announcement26 issues in the block vote. If any of the issues ID’ed in block vote would benefit from more discussion/attention-let Isaac Vetter to know if would like to be removed from block vote.
    1. Discussion on FHIR-25872 - optionality of websockets- Discussion of whether makes sense for webhooks v. websockets. Spec isn’t prescriptive of whether a client should use one communications channel v. another.

Should we remove resthooks communication pattern? Or should spec indicate a preference of one over the other?

EM- supports NOT removing resthooks.

BW-Using only websockets- for web based. Can’t guarantee in general hospital could set up another system. Server reaching out to HTTP (?) on their machine.

Secretary note: Add this to the agenda for next time.

Ballot reconciliation call: May 12, 2PM ET

Ballot reconciliation call: May 19, 11AM ET

General II and FHIRcast Ballot reconciliation: May 26, 2PM ET (book next calls then)

IV- copied on call w/I&M- didn’t see a time in the Confluence page. IV to send the invitation. Jonathan and Chris to join.

  1. Schedule next meetings
  2. Next meetings
    1. In Person
      1. September 2020, Baltimore, MD, (WGM HL7)
      2. January 2021, Las Vegas, NV (WGM HL7)
      3. May 2021, New Orleans (WGM HL7)
  3. Adjournment

Reviewed by counsel:  CRS, May 12, 2020.


  1. Opening
    1. Call to order, introductions, welcome
    2. Review & approval of the Agenda
    3. Minutes of the previous meeting
    4. Antitrust rules and DICOM Patent Policy
  2. IHE AIW-I (AI Workflow for Imaging)
  3. FHIR ImagingReference:
  4. FHIRcast PSS - vote to co-sponsor PSS as InM updates PSS and becomes sponsor
  5. FHIRcast STU1 release 2 – status update
    1. May Connectathon FHIRcast track
    2. Discussion on FHIR-25872 - optionality of websockets
    3. Block-Vote-2 and zulip announcement
  6. Schedule next meetings
  7. Next meetings
    1. In Person
      1. September 2020, Baltimore, MD, (WGM HL7)
      2. January 2021, Las Vegas, NV (WGM HL7)
      3. May 2021, New Orleans (WGM HL7)
  8. Adjournment

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