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  1. Opening
    1. Call to order, introductions, welcome
    2. Review & approval of the Agenda
    3. Minutes of the previous meeting
    4. Antitrust rules
  2. Discussion of incorporating AI into workflows using standards
    1. Review high-level scenarios and goals
    2. Establish plan to create draft proposals to address scenarios
    3. Look for any additional scenarios that should be explored (short term or long term)
  3. Next meetings
    1. Teleconferences
      1. Tuesday, August 16, 2018 : 2:00pm-3:30pm
      2. Thursday, September 6, 2018 : 1:00pm-2:30pm
      3. Tuesday, September 18, 2018 : 1:00pm-2:30pm
    2. In Person
      1. Oct 2, 2018 to Oct 4, 2018: HL7 WGM, Baltimore, MD
  4. Adjournment

Dial-in Info

Join the Online Meeting:

Dial-in Number: +1 605 472-5741 Access Code: 223765

FAQ’s, tips and other helpful information regarding is available at > Resources > Tools and Resources > Tip Sheet


WG-20 Voting Members Present                           Represented by

Agfa HealthCare                                                       Brad Genereaux

Change Healthcare                                                   Elliot Silver

Philips                                                                       Chris Melo

Vital/Canon                                                              Jonathan Whitby

WG-20 Voting Members Absent                            Represented by

Canon      Medical Systems                                      Kevin O’Donnell

GE Healthcare                                                          Charles Parisot

Corista                                                                      David Allen

Laitek                                                                        Doug Sluis

Merge/IBM                                                               Ken Meyer

PixelMed                                                                   David Clunie

Siemens Healthcare GmbH                                       Eric Martin

WG-20 Alternate Voting Representatives, Observers, Guests Present

ACR                                                                         Alison Loughlin

ACR                                                                         Natalia Farish

ACR                                                                         Laura Coombs

ACR                                                                         Chris Treml

Agfa Healthcare                                                       Mohannad Hussain

Agfa Healthcare                                                       Arvind Gautam

Aidence                                                                     Alexander van Eck

Aidoc                                                                       Elad Walach

Arterys                                                                    John Axerio-Cilies

CCO                                                                         Alex Goel

CCO                                                                         David Kwan

Cerner                                                                      Dennis Stuhlman

Cerner                                                                      John Moore

Change Healthcare                                                 Roger Milford

CITI Website                                                           Rucha Wad

GE Healthcare                                                          Yongjian Bao

GE Healthcare                                                          Keith Bigelow

GE Healthcare                                                          Maurizio Menni

Epic                                                                         Isaac Vetter

Epic                                                                         Will Maethner

Nuance                                                                    David Rubin

Mach7t                                                                    Eric Rice

MetrixLabs                                                              Andrew Satz

Mindshare Medical                                                  Ilya Goldberg

M*Model                                                                 Chris Spring

Optellum                                                                  Nicholas Dowson

Radlogics                                                                 Hayit Greenspan

Sectra                                                                       Daniel Forsberg                                                                     Adlon Pereira                                                                     Prashant Warier                                                                     Pooja Rao

Visage Imaging                                                        Brad Levin

Visage Imaging                                                        Andreai Leontive

Zebra Medical                                                          Eyal Gura

Presiding Officers:                                                   Brad Genereaux, Agfa Healthcare
                                                                                Elliot Silver, Change Healthcare              

DICOM Secretariat:                                                Luiza Kowalczyk, MITA                                      


1.        Opening

1.1.      The conference was called to order at 2:00 p.m. US ET.

1.2.      The antitrust rules were reviewed, and DICOM patent policy as well.

1.3.      The agenda was approved.

1.4.    Approval of the minutes from June 26thwere postponed for the next call.

2.        Discussion of incorporating AI into workflows using standards

Workflow 1: Passing Discrete Data in the Reading Workflow

A radiologist opens a study for a Head CT. An AI algorithm runs to detect the presence of a midline shift and the measurement of the shift. This information is passed to the PACS and the reporting system. Using the PACS and reporting system the user finishes the study and signs the report. The discrete midline shift measurements along with the report are sent to the patient records.

Workflow 2: Passing Discrete Data in the Image Generation Workflow

A patient has a chest x-ray performed, after the chest x-ray is performed, an AI algorithm runs to detect a pneumothorax. The discrete pneumothorax is sent to the worklist for prioritization and to the PACS for storage.

Brainstorming questions/thoughts:

  • What if things don’t go as planned? 
  • How are we getting images to Al algorithms?
  • What are we using for tracking?
  • What is the benefit of it? Why are we choosing option A or B?
  • How are we doing authentication?  Create a google doc?  Gather information?
  • What are the differences between those two workflows?
  • Workflow 2: No human interaction first
  • What is the source of the data?  What is the source of the creator? What about the creator of the Al algorism? What is the source of how it was generated? Bringing different perspective
  • What happens when things fail?  What are the solutions for workflow 1 and workflow 2?
  • Let’s think if it this topic is in our scope? Let’s remember that we are in the product design. Is it really in our scope? It can be discussed how we need to convey the information, flow information from back and forth. What is the standard practice? 
  • You need to identify the version of AI, who certificates that??? How do we want to do it?  Why do we want to pass the information back and forward?  Do we want to help FDA to certificate those algorithms
    • What is the minimum necessary, exchange measurable data/ value? How do we define those actors, scenarios, and traceability?
    • Where does this work belong? Are we expanding HL7 or DICOM, or IHE? Who is really interested in in the workflow? There are multi ways of doing things.  Maybe through FHIR observations? What type of standard we could use? Let’s prepare a draft of what people want to do?   Can we jump into technical side of it? What is the best way of communicating this?

Next Steps:

  • Establish plan to create draft proposals to address scenarios.
  • Flush out those two use cases.
  • Select volunteers.
  • Chris Treml will create Google Docs for both scenarios and send out the links to volunteers.
  • Look for any additional scenarios that should be explored (short term or long term).
  • Schedule a doodle survey poll to schedule next call on this topic.

Here is the list of volunteers’ names provided in the chat window at the end of the call:

  • Elad Walach (Aidoc)
  • Brad Genereaux (Agfa HealthCare)
  • Ilya Goldberg, (Mindshare Medical)
  • Chris Spring  (M*Modal )
  • Andrei Leontiev  (Visage Imaging)
  • Alexander van Eck- (Aidence)
  • Adlon Pereira (Qure)
  • Yongjian Bao (GE Healthcare)
  • Maurizio Menni (GE Healthcare)
  • Katelyn Nye Nye, Katelyn (GE Healthcare)
  • Yoder, Karley (GE Healthcare),
  • Bigelow, Keith (GE Healthcare)
  • Will Maethner (Epic)

3.        FHIR Ballot – Next call

4.        Next Meetings

Question: Do we want to meet at/before/after SIIM C-MIMI?

  • TUE Aug 14, 2018, 1:00 – 2:30 US-ET
  • THUR Sept 6, 2018, 1:00 – 2:30 US-ET (Note this is Thursday, not usual Tuesday)
  • HL7 Review during the September DICOM WG-06 Base Standard F2F meeting
    • 2nd half of Q3 – Thursday, September 13th, 14:30-15:30 US ET
    • TUE Sept 18, 2018, 1:00 – 2:30 US-ET
    • HL7 – OCT 2, 3, 4 (Tue, Wed, Thur) (joint with WG-27 in Q4 on Thur 4 Oct)

Dial in info for teleconferences:


Join the Online Meeting:

Dial-in Number: (605) 472-5741 (US)

Access Code: 223765

International Dial-in Numbers:

For 24/7 Customer Care, call (844) 844-1322

Please note that the call-in/log-on information for this t-con is also posted in the DICOM Calendar

In Person

-         HL7 – OCT 2, 3, 4 (Tue, Wed, Thurs.) (joint with WG-27 in Q4 on Thur 4 Oct)

- In conjunction with HL7 in October, 2018, Baltimore, MD

Future Meetings of HL7


-         September 29-October 5, 2018, Baltimore, MD


-         January 12-18, 2019, San Antonio, TX

6.        Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m. US ET 

Submitted by Luiza Kowalczyk, Secretary
Reviewed by Legal Counsel, Clark Silcox, August 13, 2018.


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