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  • Review Mark's demo; Use Cases; define objectives to complete by Summer.

Discussion items

5 MinAgenda ReviewWayneConsider moving this meeting up 1 hour to 3pm ET, or combine with planning & oversight meeting (every other Monday at 2pm ET), next meeting March 19. Cancel this call moving forward. Consider scheduling a monthly morning meeting for Europeans.
5 MinStatus UpdatesAll

Use cases drafted by Rute and Laura.


Plans and relevant topics

Presentations at HIMSS by John on Plug-a-thon, Wayne and Joyce Sensmeier on collaboration. Richard also has a talk on Cancer Interop. Also an ad.

20 MinUse CasesRute, Mark, RichardNeither Rute nor Laura were in attendance, so please review the use cases and apply edits or comments when possible. Posted at IHE-HL7 Joint Project - Cancer Staging
20 MinProfiling DemoMark

Demo by Mark of CIMPL authoring tool (produces FHIR profiles & IGs, being adapted for CIMI); Mitre using internal R&D funds; Richard has a collaboration tool that provides a UI for developing models. Focus is on how to combine the various pieces and translate to cancer care.

Slides attached below.

How can we tie the various capabilities of tools and components to the storyboards?

John: Next pass is to break down the storyboards into domains and work groups and identify touch points.

Chris: On the imaging side, don't have a clear path yet, but work is in progress on common data elements for use cases. Some are cancer-related. May be able to repurpose for this initiative.

Wayne: One benefit we can provide is providing a portal with information and links to the various pieces and continue to work to try to put the Pieces together.

5 MinNext StepsAllEngaging Europeans; planning for IHE Europe Cthon

Action items