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  • Wayne Kubick

  • Richard Esmond

  • Chris Carr
  • Rute Martins
  • Laura Heerman


  • Review progress since last meeting, including FHIR connectathon results
  • State of story board/use case description
  • Review upcoming plans for next 2 connectathons and a white paper publication

Discussion items

5minAgenda reviewWayne 
5minAction item updatesAll 
 FHIR Connectathon ResultsAll

Chris and Steve Moore discussed Gazelle with David Hay, who has developed a tool for FHIR cthons.

Gazelle is heavier weight to support testing against scripts. But it might be more relevant for resources going normative.

Laura: what does Clinicians on FHIR do to document clinical review of resources? Exploring connection manager.

Chris: Apps for imaging research track added DICOM Web to SMART-on-FHIR. Small first step. IHE on FHIR track tested MHD (Mobile access to Health data) with positive exchange. Explored using NIST tools with OAuth. Image Integration work group exploring use of Observation profiling.

Richard: Mark's Automated Profiling from Models track demonstrated tooling successfully with good feedback.

 Use Case & TNM StagingRichard

Richard demoed a Cancer Staging app that produces artifacts for staging.

Where does it fit into the modeling practice? What artifacts are produced?

Goal is to produce FHIR profiles and Structured Data Capture forms.

A woman provided a storyboard in San Diego that he hasn't found. Still need a text user story description.


 HIMSS PlansAllWayne has prepared a set of slides for a HIMSS talk; will circulate.
 April/May PlansAllRoadmap - Penrad and Mitre are interested in deploying profiles for breast by end of year. Hope to test software implementations deployed in the field at next year's IHE Connectathon (as well as Sept. HL7 Connectathon). What can we do to help? Mitre Tiger Team has been working on use case.
 Thoughts on a future publicationAllMight need to focus more on future plans.
 Other The HSI workgroup is being dissolved for now, since it was having trouble finding a way to fit within the HL7 working group. We agreed we could create a new workgroup at the appropriate time.

Action items

  • Wayne Kubick Discuss testing tools with Grahame; future role for Gazelle?
  • Rute to ask Mark to demo at next meeting.  Also check on use case.