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  • Review current status of use case and connectathon plans
  • Identify meeting plans and next steps for Jan. and Feb through HIMSS 2018.

Discussion items

10 minIntroductions, Status updates, Action Items and Agenda ReviewWayne

Wayne continues to talk with HIMSS. Richard has talked cancer staging with other groups, expects

to have more info within a few weeks.

15 minStoryline reviewRichardCancer staging - NCCN has done work here and will offer one of their story lines up after some polishing (NCCN contacts: Mary Visceglia and Peter Lamb).
15 minPlans for IHE ConnectathonJohn/KeithNeither Keith John Donnelly were present.
 Plans for FHIR ConnectathonMark

Mark reviewed Automated Profiling from Domain Models track for FHIR connectathon. They will be exploring breast cancer staging,

identifying a set of core data elements. They'll be doing pre-work that can inform the subsequent activities. interest in process and product.

Want to emphasize what FHIR does best and what IHE has to offer and how to leverage relevant work from both organizations.

Can there be a signatories. Richard will be a co-lead for the FHIR track. Tone will push Keith Boone as well.

 Upcoming meeting scheduleWayneWayne will schedule next 2 calls (2 weeks and 4 weeks out) with a poll.

Action items

  • Wayne Kubick to add NCCN contacts
  • Wayne Kubick to issue poll for next 2 meetings:  Week of Jan. 22 and Feb. 5; late afternoon EST.