Date: 16 January 2023

Quarter: Q4

Chair: Ron Parker

Scribe: Line Saele


Presentation from Helina in Africa, Steven Wanyee. Presentation_to_HL7 International_16thJan2023.pdf

Ken Rubin (US VA) presenting "New Year, New Opportunities". Ken is opening up for more communication with the International society. 

2023-01 International Council Presentation - Rubin FINAL.pptx

Regional presentation:

Presentation from Catherine Chronaki on HL7 Europe - 20230115-HL7Europe-update-to-IC-v1.pptx

Presentation from Diego on HL7 LATAM. 20230115 - LATAM BRIEF REPORT - DK.pptx

Presentation HL7 Asia, Michio Kimura. Updates from the different active countries, and update from HL7 Asia meeting. HL7 Korea to host meeting this year.

Presentation HL7 Middle East, Paul Knapp. Updates from Middle East

Thursday - Q3 is empty - maybe move Q4 to Q3 and then cancel Q4.

Supporting Documents

CEO Report to the IC.15Jan23.pptx

20230115 SID Brief Report to IC.pptx


Date: 19 January 2023

Quarter: Q1

Chair: Ron Parker

Scribe: Line Saele


Introduction with Ron. 17 (18 from Q2) Affiliate present (in-person, proxy or Virtual)

Michael van Campen came to present the Vulcan Accelerator project - first Vulcan event in Paris - Connecthathon 1 day and 2 day conference. Vulcan is looking into expanding into other regions, like Asia. 

The conference will be at March 14 and 15th -

A two pager presentation was given to the participants in the room.

The Q4 on Thursday will be moved into Q3 due to lack of items on the agenda.  Q4 will be cancelled.

Ed Hammond - regional report North America. Addressing the data problem.

Addressing the data problems.pptx

Ron -slides will be added

Mark McDougall -2023 Jan 19 Exec Dir report to the Affiliate Chairs v2.pptx

From May 2025, every other May WGM will be produced outside USA. BUT - it requires that Affiliates are willing to help find affordable venues and help to promote and produce the WGM.

If your Affiliate is interested in hosting a WGM - please contact Mark at 

Ron Parker presents the updates from the work on Affiliate Agreement. Some comment on the section on the FHIR Community Process, as this process is still not completed.

2023 Jan WGM Thursday AM Affiliate Agreement Update.pptx

Date: 19 January 2023

Quarter: Q2

Chair: Fernando Campos

Scribe: Line Saele


Presentation from Tricia Gerber from Policy Advisory Committee (PAC). 

HL7 is seeking to be more actively engaged with global health policy leaders to raise awareness, gather intelligence and have impact. 

Feedback from Isobel - Having HL7 FHIR as a 

Structure of financial support from International Council

Feedback from the Affiliates on the support that IC has been given indicates that we need more structure around our financial support.

$15000 is the amount that we can support our work with.

The approval of use of funds for HL7 UAE FHIR training course includes some concerns about; amount and breaking previous presedence.

We do not accrue the balance of the discretionary fund each year - if we do not use it, we lose it.

Issues: No criteria or examples on what to support.

Criteria suggested:

  • Promoting IC Member organization growth and capacity
  • Promoting in their country or region
  • Others?

What should be covered?

The fund should be for exceptional need.

Should the fund increase? Has not increased in many years. How to justify the increase?

Ed: The founds should be used for those Affiliates that are struggling.

Plan forward for this proposal:

We need to work further on the demands. 

Diego asks the Affiliates to think over actions within their affiliate that might need financial help.

CORE vs Base Line definitions - FHIR

Presentation from Ron Parker about the implications on this issue in Canada.

  • Both are a form of standardization
    • Baseline at concept representation level
    • Core is within a particular use context


  • Normative at the concept representation level
  • This is where profiling of FHIR Resources is done to be aligned with a realm's health informatics concepts.
  • Baseline is implementation guidance that is the starting point from witch to derive standards for a wide range of use cases.

Alexander Henket - for The Nederlands the core is the standard. 

Ron: This is how we wish it was in Canada

Discussion around the room (due to heavy multi-tasking with making sure we keep our virtual option open, scribing will not be prioritized). 

No conclusion was made, but good discussion around the room gave Ron a lot of input to this issue.

Date: 19 January 2023

Quarter: Q3

Chair: Line Saele

Scribe: Ron Parker


HL7 Australia IC Update January 2023.pptx



HL7 Norway ShortPresentation 2023.pptx

HL7 UK Update - Las Vegas WGM Jan 2023.pptx

2023-1 HL7 Austria.pdf