Date: 2021-09-15

Quarter: 10:30 UTC

Agenda Topics

1. Welcome - proxy & quoracy

  • Proxies: Jose for Portugal and Giorgio for Italy
  • Quora:  16 voting members at meeting start
    • Current Membership = 40 (inc. US Realm)
    • Quorum for Decisions (40%=16): 
    • Directions (33%=13): 
    • Financial Decisions (51%=20): 

2. Review of the Agenda

Reviewed and approved

Presentation from Peter: 2021-09-15 HL7 IC Meeting.pptx

3. Approval of Minutes from Previous Meetings

  • May 19th, 2021 Mover: Line Saele    Seconder:  Jose Costa Teixeira  12/2/0

4. Review of Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • No items to be reviewed

5. Changes in Affiliates and Chairs

New Affiliate - HL7 Mexico – Chair: Victor Medina

New Chair – HL7 Australia: Isobel Frean

New Chair – HL7 Italy: Stefano Lotti

  • Potential new members

Colombia – Application in progress


6. Updates from the HL7 Executive

Walter Suarez - updates on panel for Plenary of the upcoming WGM.

FAST - FHIR at Scale Taskforce - initiativ from 

Updates on the re-envisioning from the Board. The five principles.

Division - Intersomething. 

Reviewing the Affiliates Agreement. Expand and add on the Agreement.

Information about HL7 Accelerators and most relevant ones for global engagement/Affiliate participation:     HL7 Accelerators Main Portal:     Gravity Project (Social Determinants of Health):     CodeX (Common Oncology Data Elements eXtensions) - CodeX Home - CodeX - Confluence (     Vulcan (Health Care Research):     Public Health (portal coming up soon)

Graham Grieve - updates from the FHIR Management

FHIR continue it's road to World domination (nothing more, nothing less).

More work within the FHIR area. Challenge for HL7 is to guide the community through the transition from early social to carry more weight, but still keep the people active. We need changes to the way we work. Not sure if we will be able to do a ballot due to the amount of work. 

Some people want to push to normative R5, but some want to wait. The balance is crucial.

For R4B - editorial work ongoing, not sure when it will arrive. 

Affiliate Agreement (question from Peter) - Localization changes. Localization of the RIM - Affiliates were allowed to publish localization modified version of the RIM.

Grahame does not want this to be an option for FHIR, but want the Affiliates to publish IGs and basic profiles.

Discussions around the wording and understanding of the Affiliate Agreement. Needs diplomacy and finesse to apply the correct wording in the Agreement.

(update from Grahame here - and update from Ron)

Ron Parker - update from 

Processes for FHIR Profiles and FHIR IGs.

Robert Stegwee - nothing to report from GOC at this time.

7. Request for IC Volunteers on HL7 Management Groups

Peter wants to withdraw from the GOC - needs replacement at the end of December. We have 4 Affiliate representatives in that group already, but should try to replace Peter. Peter will join TSMG. 

International representation needed in a new WG - Human and Social Service Work Group - New work group Formation

  • Affiliate Chairs to identify volunteer for the two position as international representatives to GOC.

8. Availability of Affiliate reports

The Affiliate reports will now be used for further overview to see what we can read from them:

9. Results of HL7 Survey to Affiliates

Updates of the HL7 Survey to the Affiliates from Diego Kaminker. 

The presentation of the numbers will be attached to the minutes.

Too few Affiliates responded to the survey. We need to collaborate more, and respond to the requests. Suggestion to have a Telegram or Signal group.

What can HL7 International do to help the Affiliates. We need more feedback. Feel free to send an email to the IC co-chairs or Diego if you have any suggestions or feedback.


10. HL7 IC Presentation to the Board

11. Report on Activities of Board Task Groups that affect Affiliates.

Ron Parker updates from the Affiliate-Related Groups: 

  • Ron G. Parker to get the maturity model and share it with the IC
  • Ron G. Parker and Peter Jordan to check if something from the task force concerning the proposed models on Affiliates can be shared with us.

12. Report on Latin America Meeting

13. Proposal for IC to regularly contribute to HL7 Blog “The Standard”

"The standard" - the official blog of HL7. Ron Parker wants to encourage the IC members to post to the blog, to keep the blog truly International.

Any questions can be directed to Pat Guerra -

Suggestion from Jose: Can I suggest that the IC sends an email to the affiliates, and then creates a "pool" of articles? This way the Affiliates can work asynchronously, and then publish as adequate

14. Request for HL7 IC Review of New Draft Affiliate Agreement 

Please review and comment!

15. Other Business

Diego Kaminker - Ed Hammond and Diego have started a PodCast -

Ed and Diego will ask the community to join in on this PodCast. 

16. Next IC Meeting

17. November 2021 - 19:00 UTC