This group supports the HL7 mission to create and promote its standards by helping to assure that the needs, issues and other input of the HL7 International Affiliates are recognized and effectively acted on by the HL7 organization.


Work Products and Contributions to HL7 Processes

The International Council provides a forum for the HL7 International Affiliates and other interested HL7 members to communicate and exchange views as well as discuss issues regarding the international development, adoption, application and implementation of the HL7 standard.The International Council collates, evaluates and actions - for processing by other entities within HL7 - any needs, issues and other input expressed and agreed to by the HL7 International Affiliates.The International Council recommends to the Board of Directors actions and policies on behalf of the International Affiliates.The International Council advises the Technical Steering Committee and Board of Directors on matters relating to areas of standardization that are relevant to the International Affiliates.

Formal Relationships With Other HL7 Groups

The International Council may establish, with Board approval, formal liaisons to other HL7 groups. The International Council shares with the Board the responsibility to consult with each other on issues affecting the International Affiliates and their members.

Formal Relationship With Groups Outside of HL7

The International Council evaluates and recommends formal relations with other international and regional standards bodies (eg. CEN, ISO, etc.)

Date of Last Revision: February 16, 2016

Administrative/Organizational Structure

Participation in the International Council is open to representatives of all HL7 International Affiliates and other interested HL7 members.

For formal votes each Affiliate has one vote.

The International Council is lead by the co-chair(s) and the International Board Representative.

The HL7 Board of Directors appoints the co-chair(s) of the International Council. The International Affiliates select the International Board Representative from among the International Affiliate members.

The co-chair(s) are responsible for organizing the meetings, and facilitating organizational relations with HL7.

The International Board Representative is responsible for formal communication with the Board of Directors.

 Outstanding Tasks and Action Items

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
Line Saele2023 September WGM & Plenary - Phoenix Minutes
Ron G. Parker2023 January WGM - Las Vegas Minutes
  • Affiliate Chairs to identify volunteer for the two position as international representatives to GOC.
2021 Sept 15th International Council Virtual Meeting Minutes

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