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Afsin Ustundag Amida Technology Solutions X
Andrew J Statler Cerner X
Bhuvana Boppana Satya Soft Solutions X
Brett Marquard waveoneassociates X
Carol Graham Clinical Architecture X
Cecilia Wong Allscripts X
Dale Owens Cerner X
David Carlson MIE X
David Hamill HL7 Staff
Denise Lee CPSI X
Didi Davis The Sequoia Project X
Ed Donaldson X
Emma Jones Allscripts X
Gay Dolin Namaste Informatics X
Holly Miller, MD MEDALLIES X
Jean Duteau Duteau Design Inc X
Jeff Helman AEGIS.Net (representing SSA) X
Jessica Ordoyne Dynamic Health IT X
Joe Lamy AEGIS.Net (representing SSA) X
John D'Amore Diameter Health X
Ken Burney Allscripts ken.burney X
Ken Burney Allscripts X
Liam Davies Epic X
Linda Michaelsen Optum X
Lindsey Weeks BCBSM X
Lisa Anderson NCQA X
Matt Szczepankiewicz Epic
Matthew Davis (Mat Davis) Dynamic Health IT X
Matthew Dugal Dynamic Health IT X
Natasha kreisle MaxMD X
Ozlem Kurt Dynamic Health IT, Inc.
Patrick Peyton CPSI, Inc. X
Raychelle Fernandez Dynamic Health IT, Inc. X
Rebeccah Baer NCQA X
Russell Ott Federal EHR Modernization (FEHRM) Program Office X
Steven Lane, MD Sutter Health X
Zhihong Wei MaxMD X