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A S.W.O.T. analysis represents the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This is a living document or process, and really represents something that an organization or work group must complete regularly if they are to benefit from the insights it may provide.

Last reviewed by HSSWG on December 16, 2021 (2021-12-16 HSSWG Agenda/Minutes)


  • Addressing a gap in HL7 as a work group focused on social (vs. clinical) impacts on health
  • Diverse group with varied experience inside and outside HL7
  • Roles and responsibilities clearly defined


  • Limited resources
  • New work group – we don’t know what we don’t know
  • Active projects
  • Existing documentation is insufficient
  • Community commitment to participate in vocabulary activities is lacking


  • Liaison with other clinically oriented work groups
  • Evaluate slate of potential projects
  • Expand international participation


  • Finding out way
  • Working with other work groups without giving the impression “taking over”
  • Lack of response due to lack of resources