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The FHIR Implementation Guide for the Human Services Data Specification (HSDS) describes the architectural considerations for accessing data from directories of social services. The Guide aligns the FHIR profiles from the DaVinci Payer Data Exchange (PDEX) Plan-Net Directory that enable health plans to publish healthcare provider directory information to members and patients via FHIR APIs, with the Human Services Data Standard (HSDS), an industry standard for service directory data exchange that represents information about human service agencies, the services they provide, and the locations where they are offered.

Project Facilitator 

Serafina Versaggi 

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Import PSS-2001 - Getting issue details... STATUS

HSS WG approval date: 5/6/2022;

TSC approval date: 5/12/2022

Jira Balloting Process
Implementation Guide
FHIR IG Development Process
Overall HL7 Balloting Process
January 2023 WGM Update and report outs

Project Milestones

(see HL7 Calendar to confirm specific dates)

Kickoff Call for the Virtual Test Event -@ 11:00 Eastern see Test Event page for recording and slidesOctober 7, 2022Complete
Weekly Technical/Implementer Calls- every Friday at 12:30 Eastern (ongoing): meeting linkSept 30 - October 26, 2022Complete
October 25, 2022Complete

Submit FMM-2 Attestation to HL7 FHIR Management Group (FMG) Work Group 

October 28, 2022Complete

HL7 HSS WG Agenda Item: vote to submit Notice of Intent to Ballot - Jan 2023 - FHIR IG for Human Service Resource and Provider Directories

  • Notification will be sent out to HL7 WGs (sponsor, co-sponsors, interested parties & FHIR Accelerator projects) announcing the vote

October 20, 2022Complete

Notice of Intent to Ballot (NIB) posted on 10/27

October 27, 2022Complete
HSS Workgroup Review/Final Approval Ballot Content, HSS Work Group votes to submit IG content to ballot their QA review (allows time to adjust content based on HSS WG review before submitting final content 12/4)Dec 1, 2022Complete
January 2023 FHIR Ballot Content Freeze, submit IG content to FMGDecember 4, 2022Complete

January 2023 HL7 Working Group Meeting – Las Vegas, NV

January 16-20

January 2023 Ballot Reconciliation CompleteTBD


  • Human and Social Services (HSS) Work Group – sponsor
  • Financial Management (FM) Work Group – co-sponsor, responsible for PDEX
  • Payer/Provider Information Exchange (PIE) Work Group – co-sponsor
  • Learning Health Systems – co-sponsor
Interested Parties
  • Community Based Care and Privacy
  • Patient Administration Work Group
  • Patient Care Work Group
  • Vocabulary Work Group (re: 211LA)
  • Public Health Work Group
  • US Realm Steering Committee – US realm project, ensure alignment with US Core
  • Da Vinci Project – HL7 accelerator that facilitates payer to provider exchange
  • Gravity Project – HL7 accelerator focused on SDOH terminologies, IG support for referrals
  • CARIN Alliance – HL7 accelerator focused on consumer-directed FHIR APIs alignment

Working Session - NOTE new Zoom link added 10/8/22

  • A Weekly HSS sub-group meeting takes place Mondays at 2:00 PM ET through November 28, 2022. This meeting will be rescheduled following the January Working Group Meeting (WGM) to manage ballot reconciliation comments. A meeting time will be determined by the HL7 HSS Work Group in January, and meeting information will be updated here in 2023.

Current Meeting Coordinates (through Nov. 28, 2022):

October 25, 2022 Virtual Test Event - FHIR IG for Human and Social Services Directories - see new test event page

  • Test event added to Project Milestones table below; see Test Event page for test event details and resources
  • Project Milestones table moved to the top of this page for easier tracking purposes as well

Use Case, Test Cases & HealthcareService Vocabulary

Miscellaneous Resources

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