Page that documents co-chair tasks that need to be handled regularly.

Public WG Call - Facilitator and Scribe tasks and responsibilities

PhaseFacilitator TasksScribe Tasks
Before the call
  1. Create new Agenda/Minutes page for the upcoming public call (make copy from YYYY-MM-DD HSSWG Agenda/Minutes template)
  2. Fill in agenda topics in the Agenda/Minutes page.
  3. Send out meeting agenda to the HSS WG listserv ( (ideally 24 hours before the call).

During the call


  1. Log in to the reserved HL7 Zoom account.
  2. Start the call and admit participants in the waiting room.
  3. Recommended: Make the scribe co-host in Zoom to help admit participants.
  4. Optionally: Start recording the call (record to cloud).
  5. Share the Agenda/Minutes page or other presentation materials from your device.


  • Ask participants to rename Zoom user name to "Full Name, Affiliation."
  • Present HL7 Antitrust Policy.
  • Confirm quorum (2 co-chairs, 2 other attendees).
  • Approve previous minutes through general consent.
    • "Are there any corrections to the minutes?" (pause)
    • "Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."
  • Script for a formal vote.
    • "Would anyone like to make a motion?"
      • X makes motion to xyz.
    • "Would anyone like to second the motion?"
      • Y seconds motion.
    • "Are there any questions or discussions regarding the motion?"
      • Allow people to discuss the motion.
    • "We will now vote on the motion."
      • Confirm how many total people are present to vote (exclude yourself as meeting chair facilitating the vote).
    • "Is there anyone abstaining?"
      • Count those abstaining.
    • "Is there anyone objecting?"
      • Count those objecting.
    • "Motion passes/fails."
      • State final tally: 00-00-00 (for-against-abstain)
  • Capture attendance.
    • Ask participants to rename Zoom user name to "Full Name, Affiliation."
  • Document all votes/decisions.
    • "Approved by general consent"
    • "Motion made to xyz"
      • "Made by X, seconded by Y."
      • "Motion passes/fails 00-00-00 (for-against-abstain)"
  • Document discussion themes, upload relevant materials, hyperlink relevant links.
After the call
  • Publish notes on the Agenda/Minutes Confluence page for the call within 48 hours of the call.

Work Group Conference Call Scheduling/Confluence Page Set Up

  • During WGM, set up public calls schedule assigning facilitator and scribe responsibilities and general topics for all public calls until the next WGM.
  • Immediately after WGM, reserve an HL7 Zoom Account here: Shared Zoom Account Check-Out/Reservation.
  • Immediately after WGM, enter WG public calls into the HL7 Conference Call Calendar here: HL7 Conference Call Calendar.
  • Every January, move meeting minutes pages for previous year under a new page for the year to group them. Keep meeting minutes and template for the current year in the second tier right below the HSS WG Public Calls page. Page hierarchy should look like the following:

WGM Tasks

PhaseCo-Chair TasksWG Health Metric (WG Health and PBS Metrics)
Before WGM
  • Reserve quarters for HSS WG-hosted sessions (room request form)
  • Set up WGM Agenda page in HSS WG Confluence
  • Clarify Chair and Scribe roles for all HSS WG-hosted sessions
  • Prepare agenda/facilitation for HSS WG-hosted sessions
  • Complete Room Request Form on time
  • Post WGM agenda on time
During WGM
  • Attend all scheduled sessions if you are listed as Chair or Scribe
  • WG hosts at least one session during WGM
After WGM
  • Publish WGM minutes
  • Post WGM minutes on time
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