Final Ballot Reconciliation Spreadsheet: FHIR IG Human Services Directories reconciliation spreadsheet 2023 08 28.xlsx


This page supports the HL7 FHIR IG for Human Services Directories Ballot Reconciliation (BR) Group and will be used to post information related to the ballot reconciliation process for STU1 of this Implementation Guide.

The page will provide participants links to the various resources used in the ballot reconciliation effort, and recognizes that many participants may not be familiar with HL7 and/or standards development in general.

Please offer any suggestions that will help make this page more useful.

HSS WG Meetings

Ballot Reconciliation for FHIR IG Human Services Directories

Weekly Monday Meetings

Agenda items will be added to the Thursday Bi-Weekly Public HSS WG Call as needed when of interest to the entire HSS work group

Monday weekly @ 2:00 PM ET 

Meeting Link:

HL7 Calendar

Thursdays every other week @ 3:00 PM ET

Meeting Link:

HL7 Calendar

Ballot Reconciliation Meeting Agendas - Mondays & special Thursday BiWeekly Public Calls  

TopicIssues SpreadsheetDetails
Jan 30, 2023Set the stage for Ballot Reconciliation

All Issues - 2023 01 30

  • Initial spreadsheet (2023 01 30) contains all issues 
  • The spreadsheet can be filtered by each column heading
  • Applied Groupings (Cols. A&B) so 'like' issues can be reviewed as a group to ensure compatibility
Feb 6, 2023

Issues Review & Disposition

  • Overview - Assumptions and Process
  • Review issues list - Affirmative Technical Corrections-Persuasive 
Issues - 2023 02 06
  • This spreadsheet sent to the listserv includes all issues filtered to review Affirmative Technical Corrections where proposed disposition is Persuasive
  • 2 additional issues submitted after the ballot closed, bringing total issues to reconcile to 56. This spreadsheet filters can be adjusted to reveal all open issues.
Feb 13, 2023Issues Review & DispositionIssues - 2023 02 13
  • Worksheet containing list of issues to be reviewed/voted on Monday, 2/13/23 (Issues ready for review 2/13/23).
  • Added additional issues for review; FHIR-39885 (Gay Dolin) who cannot attend the call but has approved the proposed disposition for all her submitted issues; also added Issue-40049 which was was reopened following the 2/6/23 by changing it from a Technical Correction to Change Request for additional discussion and approval.
March 6, 2023Use Cases

Agenda & Issues 2023 03 06

Use Case Related

(G. Bloom)

Other Issues

  • Gain agreement on the scope for use cases supported by this IG (FHIR-40060)
    • Help revise use case section so it describes ways in which the IG fits or supports other FHIR Implementation Guides where those use cases include the ability to incorporate a search of community-based services directories within their workflows.
  • Gain agreement on what to explicitly declare Out-Of-Scope for STU 1 (FHIR-40062)
March 13, 2023

Issue Type change to FHIR-39885


Search Parameters/Capability Statement

Agenda & Issues 2023 03 13

  • FHIR-39885 Search Parameter tables contains links to examples not capability statements to address Issue Type change made at the 2/13 BR. This issue is tied to a Negative vote
    • Jira allowed the issue type originally submitted as a Change Request to changed to Technical Correction per guidance from HSS co-chair

    • Jira doesn't allow further updates (Error message: Issue Type can't have been changed to anything other than Change Request if issue had been negative voted) despite allowing the Issue Type for an issue associated with a negative vote to be updated to a Technical Correction
  • Review CI-Build for changes applied
    • Affirmative Technical Corrections

  • Review/Vote Issues pertaining to Search Parameters and CapabililtyStatement  - focus for today

THURSDAY - March 16, 2023

These issues will be reviewed the Thursday HSS Bi-Weekly Public Call @ 3:00 PM Eastern

instead of the regular Monday weekly BR call.

HL7 Conference Call Zoom Meeting Link:

Alignment to other FHIR specifications
    • Review Scope
    • Address alignment between Human Services Directories and other FHIR IGs (negative and affirmative issues)
      • Negatives submitted by Oracle/Cerner (Hans Buitendijk - In Person Request, Frank Oemig), Bob Dieterle
    • Alignment related to vocabulary: code system(s)/value sets associated with services represented in standardized Human Services Directories
    • Reach agreement: naming convention to be used in the Human Services Directories IG
    • FHIR-40040 Aligning Contacts with HSDS
      • Proposed disposition - Consider for future use (future version)
    • Is there need to define additional out-of-scope capabilities for STU 1 in the Use Case section based on revised scope (above) and outcome of today's discussion and/or identify potential features to include in scope for STU 2?
    • Develop with agreeable verbiage to describe relationship between the Human Services Directories IG, the FAST and Gravity specifications
    • Add to Section 1.4 Relation to US Core and Other IGs
THURSDAY - March 23, 2023Alignment/Naming Convention continued from March 16, 2023

Agenda & Issues 2023 03 23

Resolve - Duplicate issues (FHIR-39849) – voted on 2/13/23

Rescheduled/additional issues

  • Review Issues - Proposed Dispositions/Resolutions review  - outstanding from 3/16/23

  • Narrative content discussion continued from last week: terms-of-art, clarification of scope and content of human services directories, relationship to other related FHIR IGs

March 27, 2023Continue Issues scheduled for 3/23/23

Agenda & Issues 2023 03 27

  • Review Issues - Proposed Dispositions/Resolutions review  - rescheduled from 3/23/23
April 3, 2023Meeting cancelled

April 10, 2023Continue reviewing outstanding issues

Agenda & Issues 2023 04 10

Hans Buitendijk

Saul Kravitz

Chirag Bhatt

  • Announcement: Monday, April 17th meeting cancelled

  • Outstanding issues review & vote

April 17, 2023 & April 24, 2023Meetings cancelled 

May 1. 2023Outstanding issues (other than Terminology-related

Agenda: Outstanding issues

Hans Buitendijk

Gay Dolin

Himali Saitwal

  • Outstanding issues review & vote
  • Schedule Terminology Issues meeting with co-chairs
May 8, 15, 22, 2023Meetings cancelled until after the May WGM & Terminology Issues 5/25 meeting 

Thursday, June 22, 2023

HSS WG Biweekly Mtg

(postponed from 5/25)

Zoom Meeting Link:

Terminology Issues

Agenda: Terminology Jira Issues 

Context for discussion

Rob McClure

Himali Saitwal

Saul Kravitz

Discussion & Vote during HSS WG Biweekly Public Call 

Thursday, July 6, 2023

HSS WG Biweekly Mtg

(Vote continued from 6/22 meeting)

Zoom Meeting Link:

Terminology related Jira Tickets

Agenda: Terminology Jira Issues 

Context for discussion

Rob McClure

Himali Saitwal

Saul Kravitz

Agenda including Jira Tickets scheduled for vote along with additional proposals documented by participants in the June 22nd meeting in Jira FHIR-40366

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Remaining Terminology-related Jira Tickets

Himali Saitwal

Ballot Reconciliation Dashboard

  • The Human Services Directory Project Dashboard will be used to track progress (No need to log into Jira to view the dashboard from this link).
  • You can view all issues from a variety of perspectives (e.g., by grouping, see Gadget – Filter Results: All Issues by Grouping and Reporter)

Issues reviewed, voted & resolution date

Issue Key & Summary


Resolution Vote

Aff Neg Abst

FHIR-40042 - Alignment with upcoming HSDS 3.02/6/23 5 - 0 - 1

FHIR-39849 - HealthcareService examples don't match constraints described in implementation notes

FHIR-40049 - Update examples to align with the IG constraints and supported data elements

FHIR-40039 - Examples not detailed


6 - 0 - 2


FHIR-39850 - Search for active organizations section appears incomplete2/13/237 - 0 - 0

FHIR-39851 - HSDSOrganization should not require atyprv org type

2/13/237 - 0 - 0

FHIR-39917 Use Cases section poorly constructed

3/6/236 - 0 - 0

FHIR-40038 UUIDs for, and

3/6/237 - 0 - 0
3/6/237 - 0 - 0

FHIR-40061 Revisions to use case section: addition of aggregate service directory data analysis 

3/6/236 - 0 - 0

FHIR-40062 Revisions to use case section: additional functionalities to declare out of scope 

3/6/236 - 0 - 0
FHIR-40053 Search parameters need to be updated for consistency3/13/2310 - 0 - 0

FHIR-40074 Clarify alignment with other directory initiatives 


FHIR-40076 Reflect the larger scope beyond consumer applications

FHIR-40079 Explain roles of Nat'l Directory Endpoint Exchange IG visa vis Nat'l Directory IG3/16/2320-0-0

FHIR-40075 Update the name of the IG to be less generic. 

3/23/23 14 - 0 - 0

FHIR-40078 Shorten HSDS to HSD

3/23/23 11 - 0 - 0

FHIR-39890 No mention of handling of individual providers 

3/23/23 14 - 0 - 0

FHIR-40077 Remove Human Services Directory FHIR IG Implementation from diagram 

3/23/2313 - 0 - 0

FHIR-39885 Behavior: Search Parameter tables contains links to examples not capability statements

3/27/236 - 0 - 0

FHIR-40040 Aligning Contacts with HSDS

3/27/235 - 0 - 1

FHIR-40141 Request clarification on the relationship between this IG and Gravity

3/27/238 - 0 - 0

FHIR-40134 correction language intent 

Chair noted a vote wasn't needed but the issue was filed as a Technical Correction from Change Request after vote had been taken. 

3/27/237 - 0 - 0

FHIR-40080 Adjust naming convention

4/10/237 - 0 - 0

FHIR-40392 Search Parameters based on Plan-Net Search Parameters - derived From

4/10/237 - 0 - 0

FHIR-40363 Capability Statement

4/10/237 - 0 - 0

Affirmative Technical Corrections Marked Persuasive & Question Answered

Work group decided these issues did not require a vote to apply changes where needed

Issue KeySummary
FHIR-39682Update IG Visuals
FHIR-39683This IG need technical editing
FHIR-39781Show Usage link under Section 1.6.4 IP Statements doesn't resolve correctly
FHIR-39879Figure 1 - subscript figure title extra?
FHIR-39880Figure 2 Missing?
FHIR-39881Figure Headings vary
FHIR-39882Most images are fuzzy and/or too large
FHIR-39883Capability Statement in red header ribbon does not go to page that clearly identifies Capability statement

Differential tables don't look correct

FHIR-39891Jira Spec file does not align well with the IG
FHIR-40050Rearrange artifact page for better ordering
FHIR-40051Download files need to be updated

Why can't a consumer app query the directory - seems like it should be able to


Spell out LTSS 

FHIR-40134correction language intent


Request clarification on the relationship between this IG and Gravity

FHIR-40146Grammar in phrase
FHIR-40147Grammar in phrase
FHIR-40148Grammar in phrase
FHIR-40150Grammar in phrase
FHIR-40152Short name clarification
FHIR-40154Grammar in phrase
FHIR-40156Grammar in phrase
FHIR-40159Grammar in phrase
FHIR-40162Grammar in phrase
FHIR-40169Repeated Information

Assumptions & Process

  1. A list of issues for review will be sent in advance attached to an announcement sent to the HSS list serv ( ). The list of issues for review will be sent to the HSS listserv on Tuesdays prior to the following Monday Ballot Reconciliation meeting.
  2. Reviewers requesting In-Person resolution will be contacted and their issue(s) scheduled for one of the Monday BR discussions. If Monday’s conflict with their schedules, we’ll suggest they attend an upcoming bi-weekly public HSS call, or come up with a suitable alternative that will be announced on the HSS listserv prior to those discussions.
  3. Issues have been tagged/grouped into like subjects, so they can be scheduled for review (and subsequent vote) together.
  4. Issues related to terminology (Grouping=code system, valueset) or alignment with the ONC FAST National Provider Directory IG requires coordination and scheduling to ensure broad participation in the discussions.
  5. Proposed dispositions / resolutions have been added to most tickets to facilitate the reconciliation process. All issues will be updated in Jira online.
  6. Issues entered as Change Requests that are typos, broken links, grammar-related, etc., will be changed to Technical Correction if necessary; and Technical Corrections that are more appropriately issue type Change Requests will also be modified by the project manager
  7. If an issue marked as a Question generates a Change Request, a newly "discovered" issue must be created. A discovered item is up to the project sponsors, co-sponsors, and interested parties as to whether they will correct/update/apply the change during the ballot reconciliation process.
  8. Jira Issues related to code system and value sets will be added to the Bi-Weekly Thursday HSS Public agenda when discussions may be relevant to other HSS projects and interests.
  9. Co-chairs will provide updated instruction as to how to manage Affirmative Technical Corrections marked persuasive on 2/13/23 BR meeting. These issue have been placed back into Triaged status after they had been set to Resolved - Change Required due to misunderstanding the process that HSS would like to follow.
  10. For each issue that has been reviewed and the disposition and resolution agreed upon during Monday BR calls, will be voted on during that meeting. Issues that have not been agreed upon will be placed on an upcoming meeting agenda for further discussion.
  11. Only when all issues (56) have been approved (reviewed / disposed &/or voted on), will resulting changes be applied to the CI-build.
    • When the changes have been applied, an announcement including a link to the CI-build will be sent to the HSS listserv requesting review and feedback by the HSS WG / stakeholders. Once final updates to the IG are complete, a vote to be taken on a future Biweekly HSS Public Call will be scheduled to approve final content for publication.
    • There may be interim changes applied to the author's local build demonstrating easy fixes that may be displayed at BR meetings before updates are applied to the CI-build (e.g., important broken links and menu navigation).
    • Votes will be recorded as Sub-tasks in Jira issues
    • Soliciting volunteers to draft narrative content related to issues requiring elaboration and clarification on the use cases and alignment with other IGs and projects. Any input / advice from SMEs in the issue-domain is welcomed.

Grouping TAGs

  • Each JIRA Ticket will include at least one grouping code (reflected on the issues spreadsheets included in the Ballot Reconciliation Meetings table above)
  • This list may be expanded as use is identified
  • A variety of filters will be developed as work progresses and displayed on the Human Services Directories Ballot Reconciliation Dashboard
  • The Human Services Directories Ballot Reconciliation Dashboard will be updated as needed to help reviewers easily identify tickets

List of Reviewers who voted negative

  • Negative Voters spreadsheet - will reach out to these individuals to let them know when their issue is scheduled for review. Will adjust the date as needed to accommodate their participation. (A similar process for those who requested in-person resolution, whether Affirmative or Negative voters)

All JIRA Tickets

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

Communication Channels

Whenever possible, regular communication for this group should be posted to both HL7 listserv ( and Zulip (

Jira Documentation & Help

Jira Basics and How-to Webinars

FHIR Specification Feedback:

Ballot Reconciliation Best Practices

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