Quarter: Q2

Chair: Chris Shawn 

Scribe: Karen Bertodatti 

Attendees: 2022 May WGM Human and Social Services (HSS) Attendance

  • Chris Shawn, VA
  • Mohammad Jafari, VA
  • Jessica Banks, Goldbelt
  • Sal Rana, Goldbelt
  • Ken Salyards, ACF
  • Jim Sullivan, TCS
  • Karen Bertodatti, EMI Advisors
  • Kerry Beckman, VA

Discussion items:

5 minWelcome and QuorumChris

Yes we have quorum

15 minWG adminKaren
  • September WGM
    • Chris will reserve rooms for appropriate quarters (keep what we have this time).
  • Conference Calls
    • WG public calls will be every other week starting May 26.
    • On off weeks, co-chairs will have their admin meeting starting May 19.
  • HL7 co-chair nominations
    • WG will not be adding additional interim co-chairs prior to the official election in September 2022.
    • WG co-chairs are putting forth endorsements for nominees for permanent co-chairs with terms starting in January 2023
-Adjourn MeetingChrisMeeting adjourned at 11:46 AM

Action items

  • Chris Shawn to reserve WGM rooms for September WGM.
  • Chris Shawn to book WG public calls and co-chair admin calls (2 separate meeting series) in the HL7 Conference Call Center ( for May - Sept. 
  • Chris Shawn to reach out to Brian to gauge potential interest in co-chair role.
  • Jessica Banks to confirm Michelle is interested in a co-chair nomination and submit a statement for Chris/Mohammad to sign off on.
  • Karen Bertodatti to reach out to Courtney to gauge potential interest in co-chair role.