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  1. Dag Roel en Frank,


    Onderstaande info geeft aan dat er een nieuw/overkoepeld document is tav orders/resultaten is binnen de versie 2. Ik heb dit net binnen gekregen, wel ongeveer gevold via mail etc maar nooit besproken /bijgewoond op een WGM.


    De verschillende documenten zijn bevatten toch wel een andere kijk op deze materie dan een ‘ vaste’ versie ( bv: versie 2.6x). deze gaat van 2.5 tot 2.8.2). Deze aanpak van documenten zouden volgens mij in de buurt komen van ‘ een algemeen document over HL7 implementatie. Nadeel vind ik wel dat er dan weer een document extra is. Ik hoor graag jullie mening over het gebruik van deze documenten en hoe we dat dan binnen NL gaan gebruiken.

    Ps: ik heb lab-orders als bijlage meegestuurd. Andere kun je zelf downloaden.



    After 2 years of hard work between OO, PHER, and CG HL7 just published the eDOS, LOI, LRI, and Value Set Companion Guide to have a full complement and harmonized set of Lab V2 implementation guides covering communication of the test compendium, placing orders, and receiving results using a common set of vocabulary and addressing general lab, public health, newborn dry blood spot, and clinical genomics domains.  Special thanks to those helping coordinate all the reconciliations, input and updates, particularly Riki Merrick, Freida Hall, Clem McDonald, Shennon Lu, Craig Newman, Erin Holt, and Bob Yencha.  And as you review the Acknowledgement section for each of the guides you will notice an army of contributors crossing multiple pages.  This clearly has been a team effort.  Thank you to all your input and contributions!



    Our next step is to promote adoption and receive further feedback, so we can create a Normative Edition in the not too distant future.  The comment pages to make suggestions are available for any member to submit their comments and suggestions.   We will start to review those in the fall to give everybody a well-deserved break.


    Enjoy your new set of Lab V2 implementation guides!



    PH and CG co-chairs, please forward to your respective list serves




    2-de aandachtspunt is devices in Health:

    Ook daar de bijlage toegevoegd.


    Attached is an initial spreadsheet that contains the proposed fields to be part of DeviceDefinition or Device Instance that we will use during our upcoming Device discussions between OO and FHIR over the next couple of weeks to prep for R4.


    The main topics for tomorrow will be:


    • DeviceDefinition or DeviceKind?  DeviceInstance or Device?  What names shall we settle on?
      • Device and DeviceDefinition seems most consistent (for now) with other FHIR practice
    • Review the spreadsheet to generally agree on the initial allocation of data.  Not final, but to make sure we can finalize the resource proposal for FMG.
    • Line by line review of the attributes to have the proposed definitions for R4.


    • In the process, we need to decide on what to do with DeviceMetrics.  Some of the attributes are listed in the spreadsheet under DeviceDefinition and DeviceInstance.


    Note that the spreadsheet has materials from FHIR R4 latest build, Bob Dieterle spreadsheet, HL7 V2, and Device-DeviceComponent merge.  But it may not have everything reflected correctly.






    Met vriendelijke groet,


    Jan Dannenberg


    sector ICT

    0570 53 53 53


    Nico Bolkesteinlaan 75 | 7416 SE Deventer