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Track description

How to enable cohort identification on top of the clinical data warehouse? With every university hospital bringing together their disparate data sources in a central data warehouse, and the first investing in FHIR APIs exposing that data, can we work together to build an open source Cohort Counter that works on these data warehouses?

The Hyve has developed the open source Cohort Counter Glowing Bear (, with support from customers like Health-RI, the Netherlands Twin Register and the Prinses Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology. It currently supports the data warehouse tranSMART as its backend, but is already set up as a standalone application, making the transition possible.

Within this session we would like to bring together stakeholders interested in a Cohort Counter on their data warehouse, list the requirements for such an application and identify funding to make this a reality.

Tentative program:

  • Overview of Glowing Bear as open source cohort counter - Ward Weistra, The Hyve
  • Overview of experiences and needs of university hospitals by LUMC and Maastricht University
  • Overview of MI initiative and FHIR - Furore
  • Group discussion on stakeholder needs, experiences and plans for continuation
  • Conclusion of outcomes

Organised by The Hyve and the Medical Intelligence initiative.





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