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MedMij Content Hackathon

Track description

Basisgegevensset Zorg (BgZ) - retrieval by a PHR from a XIS (or simulation thereof).

Objectives of each scenario includes finding out if

  • The specification suffices for understanding what is required
  • The specification suffices for real world uses of the information
    • appropriate query parameters
    • appropriate properties in the response
  • The responses are unambiguous
  • The responses lead to referential integrity
    • All references in responses lead somewhere

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Submitting WG / Project / Implementer Group


The BgZ is one of the biggest focus areas in MedMij. It allows a patient access to secondary care type data. The BgZ consists of 26 categories of health data that are considered core information about your health (a sort of "Patient Summary"). The BgZ makes use of the "Zorg Informatie Bouwstenen" (ZIB), or Detailed Clinical Models.

It is part of the Dutch Sustainable Information Systems HealthCare (approved by the ministry of Health (VWS))

Related Tracks

Proposed Track Lead(s)

Tom de Jong, Alexander Henket, Paul Blankers, Frank Ploeg

Expected Participants


Available Roles

Raadplegen BgZ - MM-2.0.0-BZR-FHIRThis MedMij role is performed by a PHR system. This role queries the care provider system for the basic patient data (BgZ)
Beschikbaar stellen BgZ - MM-2.0.0-BZB-FHIRThis MedMij role is performed by a XIS (provider system). This role responds to queries for the basic patient data (BgZ)



Identification, birthdate, gender, deceasedindicator, contact details, marital status, and general practitioner (practitioner or organization)

Note: in real world scenarios it is likely that systems are not capable of exposing Patient separately, only in the context of something else, e.g. subject of an Observation.

2PayerInsurance information
3TreatmentDirectiveKnown treatment directives
4AdvanceDirectiveKnown advance directives
5FunctionalOrMentalStatusLast known functional / mental status
6ConcernAll known problems.
7LivingSituationCurrent living situation
8DrugUseAll known drug use
9AlcoholUseAll known alcohol use
10TobaccoUseAll known tobacco use
11NutritionAdviceAll known current dietary recommendations
12AlertAll known alerts
13AllergyIntoleranceAll known information regarding allergies
14MedicationUseKnown medication use
15MedicationAgreementKnown medication agreements
16AdministrationAgreementKnown administration agreements
17MedicalAidAll known medical aids
18VaccinationAll known vaccinations
19BloodPressureLast known blood pressure
20BodyWeightLast known body weight
21BodyHeightLast known body height
22LaboratoryTestResultLast known laboratory results per type
23ProcedureAll surgical procedures
24Encounter (Contact)All hospital admissions (no outpatient contacts)
25PlannedCareActivityAll known planned care activities


Security & Privacy Consideration

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