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N.B. This quarter will be in English.

For more information on the FHIM see movies at:

Using FHIM Profile Builder for consistent zib FHIR profiles

  • What is the FHIM Profile Builder (30 min)
  • Hands-on zib FHIR profiles (1 hr)

In the hands-on we want to answer the question: What is the gap between a generated FHIR profile that is generated using the FPB with zib specifications on the FHIM with the current MedMij and nl-core FHIR Profiles?

And besides the gap we want to look at the benefits of using such a tool chain as opposed to the current approach.

  1. How much gap/overlap is there between the zibs and the fhim?
  2. FPB hosted on, but for now install it locally.
  3. Develop zib FHIM Templates.

Select some different candidates that are captured in the FHIM, suggestions:

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