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With ART-DECOR, experts with different backgrounds, such as healthcare professionals, terminologists, architects, designers and programmers together enter the necessary data, iteratively improve and connect those, all using the same underlying data store. ART-DECOR registers datasets, data types, value sets, identifications, codes, business rules, (HL7v3) templates and contains version management and governance tools.

ART-DECOR provides health information standards to vendors in a structured format.

Many information standards are developed with ART-DECOR, both in the Netherlands as well as internationally.
With this workshop we hope to provide more inside with working with ART-DECOR publications, and also provide a brief insight into how to model standards in ART-DECOR.
An example will be provided where ART-DECOR is used to record the overarching functional model for a HL7v3 standard, as well as FHIR-standards.

Track description

We will briefly discuss the following use cases:

- Modelling an information standard in ART-DECOR

- The perspective from a vendor: how to read an ART-DECOR publication

After following the workshop, users will have a basic understanding of the ART-DECOR standard development process.
For vendors this training will provide you with background information for implementing ART-DECOR based information standards in your own applications.

Expected level of skill

No sepcific expert level of skill is needed.



Absolute beginners(thumbs up)


No prior knowledge is needed to follow this training.





Status Track

 The tutorial is intended to be visited by absolute beginners.




NewAbsolute beginners(thumbs up)

Proposed Track Lead(s)



Contact Info

Maarten LigtvoetART-DECOR en kwalificatieteam Nictiz, het expertisecentrum e-health

Expected Participants

The tutorial is intended to be visited by absolute beginners.

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