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Taking inspiration from the proposed international FHIR Community Process  It adopts the parts of the international FHIR Community Process that the HL7 UK Management Board considers to be most useful to promote in the UK.  Adoption of the process when developing Implementation Guidance for use in a UK context is optional but strongly encouraged.

Objective of the Process

The objective of the process is to promote a minimum common approach to the development of FHIR Implemenation Guidance in a UK context for which there is broad consensus as to being best practice and which can help facilitate the process of conducting differentials against implementation guides to identify and minimise divergent and incompatible approaches.

The Process for Implementation Guide Developers

  • Register development guidance project on the HL7 UK FHIR Community Implementation Guidance Project Registry (HL7 members can self register, otherwise send details to tcchair at to have them added)
  • We recommend that all the SHALL requirements in the HL7 International FHIR Implementation Guide Publishing Requirements SHOULD be followed but as a minimum the following are considered SHALL requirements with regards to the HL7 UK FHIR Community process
    • implementation guides SHALL
      • have an NPM package file describing the guide (see FHIR NPM Package Spec)
      • include a downloadable zip file containing the full content of the IG so the content can be hosted locally.  The index.html page for the guide SHALL include a link to this or to a "downloads" page that includes such a link.
      • include a link to the history/directory of published versions
  • Implementation Guide developers SHOULD maintain alignment with the UK Core base profiles by creating derivative profiles.

Amendment History

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Update following feedback from HL7 UK Board


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