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The FHIR standard is gaining considerable traction in the UK, with health and social care providers, suppliers, and NHS agencies all developing or using FHIR products.  In order to increase the effectiveness of FHIR implementation, the HL7 UK FHIR Board has been established to oversee development of these products, and where necessary encourage resources to be used in the most efficient way. 

During 2021 the Board met on the third Monday of every month. In 2022 it meets on the fourth Monday of every month.

Guiding principles

The Board is guided by the following principles:

  1. The Board sets the strategic direction for, and encourages the development of, FHIR artifacts for use in the UK
  2. The Board must take into account the views of significant representative bodies with a legitimate interest in the use of FHIR in the UK
  3. The Board will not directly fund, or control the funding of, development work
  4. The work of the Board will be consistent with the aims and objectives of HL7 UK
  5. Artifacts generated by the Board or its member bodies will, if suitable, be submitted to HL7 UK to be approved as balloted and approved as HL7 UK Standards.


The Board is intended to represent all key stakeholders in the UK and has representatives from:

  • BCS Health and Care
  • Care Software Providers Association (CASPA)
  • CCIO Network
  • CIO Network
  • Faculty of Clinical Informatics (FCI)
  • Health and Social Care (Northern Ireland)
  • HL7 UK
  • NHS Digital
  • NHS Scotland
  • NHS Wales
  • NHSX (now part of the NHS Transformation Directorate in NHS England and NHS Improvement)
  • Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB)
  • techUK

The two co-chairs were appointed by NHSX and HL7 UK. The secretariat is provided by NHSX. 

Additional representative organisations wishing to become member bodies will be admitted if they meet the criteria determined by the Board, which will as a minimum require that:

  • The people or bodies they represent are directly affected by the use of FHIR artifacts, and
  • The people or bodies they represent have the expertise to contribute to the work of the Board

Representative bodies who do not meet these requisite criteria may, at the Board’s discretion, be admitted to meetings and may participate in activities as observers.  

Terms of Reference (v1.4)

Meeting Papers 

Meeting papers and presentations can be found here.

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