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HL7 UK Balloting Rules

Ballot Comment Dispositions

(extracted from document above)




The proposed change will be made 

Not Persuasive

No change will be made (for stated reasons)

Persuasive with Modification

A change will be made but with noticeable differences from the proposal

Not Persuasive with Modification

The comment is not accepted but a change will nevertheless be made as a result of it

Not Related

Comment does not fall within the scope of the ballot

Considered - no action required

No change proposed

Considered for future use

No change but the comment will be retained for consideration during a future release


The comment or proposal is substantially the same as another

Pre-ballot FHIR Implementation Guide Assurance Requirements

As per the HL7 UK Balloting Rules point 3.2 regarding Ballot Package Assurance

Prior to authorisation (4.1) the Technical Chair shall confirm to the Management Board that the Ballot Package meets the applicable pre-ballot assurance requirements. Any such requirements shall be available on the HL7 UK website or wiki pages. 

Where the item being put forward for ballot is a FHIR Implementation Guide (IG) the following criteria shall be used to evaluate the Ballot Package with regards its meeting the pre-ballot assurance requirements.

  • The IG should have an IG Proposal in place and submitted with the Ballot Package (see HL7 UK FHIR IG Proposal Template)
  • The IG should conform with the following components of the HL7 International FHIR Implementation Guide Publishing Requirements 
    • The SHALL Basic Requirements of 
      • declare a `publisher` and `contact` element in the ImplementationGuide instance and expose this information on the home (index) page or an obviously labelled page navigable to from the home page
      • implementation guides SHALL use index.html as the root page, or redirect from there to the actual root
      • implementation guides SHALL have an NPM package file describing the guide (see FHIR NPM Package Spec)
      • every page SHALL specify the IG Version
      • every page SHALL specify the FHIR version
      • Implementation guides SHALL include a downloadable zip file containing the full content of the IG so the content can be hosted locally.  The index.html page for the guide SHALL include a link to this or to a "downloads" page that includes such a link.
    • The following HL7/FHIR Foundation Requirements
      • The Footer SHALL include:
        • the package id and version
        • the date generated
        • a link to the license + statement of the what the license is
        • a link to propose a change
        • a link to the history/directory of published versions
  • For Standard For Trail Use (STU) Ballots the following maturity criteria should be met
    • The IG should be considered substantially complete and ready for implementation
    • Evidence should be provided that the IG content produces no warnings during the build process
    • At least three independently developed systems are targeting development of most of the scope e.g. at least 80% of the core data elements

These assurance requirements draw from the HL7 International FHIR Implementation Guide Process Flow specifically the following sections

  • B - FHIR IG Proposal
  • C - Content Development and Submission
    • 1. Committer Preparation
  • D - FHIR IG Maturity/Testing Requirement

The criteria have be greatly simplified and slightly modified (specifically the maturity requirements) from those of the HL7 International process.

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