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Chair:  Matt Blackmon

Scribe: Matt Blackmon




XSadhana Alangar
XMatt Blackmon
      XGora Datta

Jean Duteau

David Hay

Lenel James
XAditya Joshi
XDiego Kaminker
XVirginia Lorenzi

Desla Mancilla, ex officio

for Lenel James

Viet Nguyen

John Ritter
XAbdul Malik Shakir

Agenda Topics

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Online Meeting ID: education70

The dial in number for the United States is: (605) 475-4072 Access Code: 321601

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Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Approval of the WGM Minutes

The minutes were edited for clarity (OFF site/ON site), then approved as presented (M: Gora/S: Abdul-Malik). See attachment.

Education Calendar 2021

Aditya presented some suggested courses for the coming year for presentation and development. The outline was excellent. He noted the emphasis on learning, then hands-on doing guided by a tutor as needed. Some questions were raised about the suggestion to use Mirth CONNECT (selected as it popular in India and open source), as well as the need to expand some for vocabulary, mobile application development, and more focused material for clinicians such as using the standards in their particular workflow.  Public health offerings including immunizations and registries are needed as well. Sadhana then presented on our current offerings for the year with a view to offerings for 2021. The FHIR Experience should probably be expanded to be offered four times a year. We discussed the FHIR Experience and Diego showed his Google form for class structure. Diego explained his structure and operation of the class with Zoom breakout rooms. It was a three day, four hour course. Diego suggests we have visits from the co-chairs or the domain experts to introduce and explain the use of the profile or resource or material. 

The demand is there to take the FHIR training beyond the introductory level. This will require longer timeframe courses.

Sadhana notes we really to focus on the Implementation Guides beyond theory to an applied perspective. 

Assignment for next time
Sadhana will send out the materials covered today. We are to review them and return for our next meeting to draft (and hopefully complete) the education calendar.

Supporting Documents

Outline Reference

Supporting Document

The Impact of Virtual Education on Education programs. Minutes of the WGM Education Round Table.