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Chair:  Matt Blackmon

Scribe: Matt Blackmon




XSadhana Alangar
XMatt Blackmon
      XGora Datta

Jean Duteau

David Hay

Lenel James
XAditya Joshi

Diego Kaminker
XVirginia Lorenzi

Delsa Mancilla, ex officio

for Lenel James

Viet Nguyen
XJohn Ritter
XIryna Roy
XAbdul Malik Shakir

Agenda Topics

Call in info: Online Meeting Link: 

Online Meeting ID: education70

The dial in number for the United States is: (605) 475-4072 Access Code: 321601

For international toll free numbers, please go to 

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Approval of the WGM Minutes

The minutes were edited for clarity (OFF site/ON site), then approved as presented (M: Gora/S: Abdul-Malik). See attachment.

Education Luncheon Feedback Discussion (AMS. Matt)

We had a lot of discussion on increasing engagement (reaching out to the local colleges and universities with smaller, already developed modules) and the demand for the non-technical courses is very high. Please see the attached updated notes from the WGM.

Week long online class

We discussed conducting fewer webinars in favor of week long more applied offerings.

  • We also talked about micro-sessions and seminars that are more targeted. 
  • We need to leverage the non-technical development ideas we have already developed. The challenge is identifying the faculty to more fully develop the courses. 
  • Maybe repeating the sessions throughout the week so there can be more opportunity for a drop-in.
  • Aditya added, "We should consider functional and technical learning- courses either teach functional aspects or technical aspect. this way it can be broader. and one course as pre-requisite of another coursejust a thought- not just the higher management people but other people who want to learn basics. They might not be interested in too much detail but learning FHIR functionally, like 1 week course with 3 classes but some hands like learning resource writing and rest API but not going in detail like profiling, writing transactions etc. Webinars covers concepts but no hands on at all. something in the middle."
  • One way to distinguish from DevDays is progressive development–courses

For next time
A focused session on the above and the course offerings for next year. In other words, Tuesday builds off what was learned on Monday, etc....

Supporting Documents

Outline Reference

Supporting Document

The Impact of Virtual Education on Education programs. Minutes of the WGM Education Round Table.