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Chair:  Matt Blackmon

Scribe: Matt Blackmon




XSadhana Alangar
XMatt Blackmon
      Gora Datta

Jean Duteau

David Hay

Lenel James
XAditya Joshi
XDiego Kaminker
XVirginia Lorenzi

Delsa Mancilla, ex officio

for Lenel James

XViet Nguyen

John Ritter

Iryna Roy
XAbdul Malik Shakir

Agenda Topics

Call in info: Online Meeting Link: 

Online Meeting ID: education70

The dial in number for the United States is: (605) 475-4072 Access Code: 321601

For international toll free numbers, please go to 

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Approval of the Minutes

The minutes were approved as distributed. 

Da Vinci CARIN Training (Viet)

There have been requests from training on Da Vinci and the implementation guides. The next training is October 27, 28, and 29.  Viet can work around the scheduling collision with Lloyd M. for the IG training. Lloyd would prefer to reschedule the training. 

Discussion around implementation included creation of a virtual machine or other methods to give hands on practice for the students. Diego referred us to that allows browser access to a pre-configured Windows or Linux cloud desktop. This discussion will continue. 

There was unanimous consent that surveying the audience in advance to make sure the learning outcomes match their needs is critical to successful training.

EAC WGM Luncheon Presentation (AbdulMalik Shakir)

There was a correction to the time from the Working Group Meeting Agenda: Thursday, 9/24/20 at 9-10:30 am EDT is correct. Sadhana and Abdul Malik will meet early next week to complete the details.

Education Revenue Update

The revenue target for 2020 has been met. However, the certification exam revenue is down. Aditya teach a FHIR certification exam prep course on Nov. 5. 

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