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Chair:  Matt Blackmon

Scribe: Matt Blackmon




XSadhana Alangar
XMatt Blackmon
      XGora Datta

Jean Duteau

David Hay

Lenel James

Aditya Joshi

Diego Kaminker

Virginia Lorenzi
XJohn Ritter
XIryna Roy

Abdul Malik Shakir

Agenda Topics

Call in info: Online Meeting Link: 

Online Meeting ID: education70

The dial in number for the United States is: (605) 475-4072 Access Code: 321601

For international toll free numbers, please go to 

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Approval of the Minutes

Train the Trainer Program


Scribe: Matt Blackmon

  • The minutes from the last meeting was approved. M: Roy S: Blackmon.  
  • The May WGM has moved online.  
  • We continued the discussion on the HL7 International Certified Educator Program (CEP) attached below. Most of the discussion centered around the Continuing Education Requirements. Sadhana will update the language and structure for consistence sending around the next draft.
  • Agenda for the next meeting: 
    • Completion of the train the trainer program requirements document.
    • Gora will lead a discussion on updating Standards for Interoperability. The sub-page for this work is here: 2020 Update: Standards for Interoperability.
  • Our next meeting will be June 17, pending potential cancelation for conflict with FHIR DevDays.

Tutorial changes related to 2020 September Plenary Meeting moving online.
Because the WGM has moved online, there is no need for the tutorial grid at this time.  However, there was a discussion on splitting the online courses into two (or more) segments for smaller sections to account for online inefficiencies. Moreover, we discussed duplicating the sessions for more timezone and world coverage–for example 7 am PST and 7 pm PST for the same session. Gora Datta will work on these ideas for the next meeting.

Supporting Documents

Outline Reference

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