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Chair:  Matt Blackmon

Scribe: Virginia Lorenzi




XSadhana Alangar
XMatt Blackmon

Gora Datta

Jean Duteau

David Hay

Lenel James

Aditya Joshi
XDiego Kaminker
XVirginia Lorenzi
XJohn Ritter

Iryna Roy
XAbdul Malik Shakir

Agenda Topics

Call in info: Online Meeting Link: 

Online Meeting ID: education70

The dial in number for the United States is: (605) 475-4072 Access Code: 321601

For international toll free numbers, please go to 

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Approval of MInutes 03-11, 2020
Minutes approved without objections.

COVID 19 - Effect on Education Revenue
  • Sadhana explained that education revenue is down. Not very optimistics for education revenue for the year.
  • AbdulMalik suggested we split a 3 hour webinar into shorter segments of 30 minutes
  • Gora suggested we offer a free "open house" type of webinar so that folks know what Hl7 does.
  • Virginia wanted to know why we are not offering more Member Advantaged Webinars. What is the advantage of being a member (fist pounding?)

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Meeting Minutes