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This council supports the HL7 mission by ensuring the quality and availability of education and learning provided by HL7 International and nurtures an HL7 educators community of practice. 


The HL7 Education Advisory Council guides the development and administration of HL7 education initiatives.

Products and Contributions to HL7 Processes

The following are the Council's formal activities:

  • Collaborate with HL7 Work Groups to develop and maintain educational offerings that meet the needs of members and other stakeholders and follow education best practices
  • Collaborate with HL7 staff to provide and schedule tutorials and other educational offerings
  • Foster the development of certification programs according to best practices.
  • Provide and determine Certification Governance and maintenance processes     
  • Maintain and develop quality assurance processes for HL7 educational offerings

The Education Advisory Council operates via the HL7 website, this confluence page, a dedicated list-server, bi-weekly conference calls and meetings at HL7 working group meetings. HL7 educators are especially encouraged to participate in the council's activities. 

Formal Relationships With Other HL7 Groups

  • HL7 Board of Directors, including the Finance Committee – establishes the direction for an enterprise-wide education strategic plan
  • HL7 International Council - Coordinate education efforts
  • International Mentoring Committee – mentor affiliate educational strategies and programs
  • Process Improvement Committee – via the first timer program?
  • All HL7 Workgroups can collaborate with HL7 Education to produce and maintain education offerings.

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