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The Notice of Withdrawal of a Protocol Specification form must be completed in the following instances:

  • Closing a project in Project Insight whose specification has balloted
  • Choosing not to extend a standard that has reached its 5 year end-of-life
  • Identifying the need to sunset a standard. 

A HL7 Specification Withdrawal form must be completed, approved by the Work Group and submitted to the TSC for their approval, following HL7 Essential Requirements.  

This form is created by using the “Create...” dialog box at the top of Confluence and selecting the HL7 Specification Withdrawal Template.

The Withdrawal Guidance Chart (doc) outlines the process for withdrawing all types of HL7 projects and specifications and should be submitted with the withdrawal PSS, or alone if a PSS is not required.  Especially helpful is the grid on Page 2 of the Withdrawal Guidance Chart (doc), which lists the Action Items needed to withdraw your specification.

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