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In an effort to synchronize WG Mission and Charter review timelines and ensure the accuracy of current documents, please review your Mission and Charter with your Work Group.

Use the grid below to indicate the date you reviewed it and provide a link to the approval minutes and the up-to-date version.
Anne Wizauer will send any changes to TSC for review and ensure is updated with the most current version of your document.

Work GroupLink to current Mission and Charter page or documentDate ReviewedWere changes/updates made to the document? Please enter yes or no.
If yes, provide a brief description of what changed.
Link to Approval Minutes where document was reaffirmed (no changes made) or changes were approved
Arden SyntaxArden Syntax Mission & Charter2019-01-14Yes:  Removal of names of discontinued projects.Arden Syntax WGM Minutes 2019-01-14

Clinical Decision SupportCDS Mission & Charter2022-05-10Yes:  Minor wording changes to reflect developments in FHIRCDS WGM Minutes 2022-05-10 Q2
Clinical GenomicsCG Mission and Charter2022-09-21Yes, minor wording changes, limited groups we work with.2022-09 WGM CG Minutes

Clinical Interoperability Council 

Clinical Quality InformationMission and Charter2022-09-30Yes, simplified addressing informal relationships and statement about SAIF2022-09-30 Meeting Minutes
Community Based Care and Privacy

Sept 20,2022Yes, updated focus areasWGM Agenda/Minutes 2022-09 SEPTEMBER (Baltimore, Maryland USA)
ConformanceConformanceMay 9, 2022Yes - removed references to V32022-05 May Virtual Meeting
Cross-Group Projects HomeMission and Charter - Cross-Group ProjectsSeptember 22, 2022Update from initial charter.22 September 2022 Q3 - CGP WGM Minutes
Devices (DEV)


Emergency CareECWG Mission and Charter2022_01-21No changeJan 21, 2022 Q2 ECWG Minutes
FHIR-I  Changes sent to Anne W.,mission&charter,projectreview,updateontranslations
Financial ManagementFM Mission and Charter2022-09-27No2022-09-27 FM Interim Meeting
Human and Social Services Mission and Charter - Human and Social Services - Confluence ( - Original charter as approved by TSC.2021-12-16 HSSWG Agenda/Minutes - Human and Social Services - Confluence (
Imaging IntegrationIIWG Mission and Charter


NoMinute link pending
Implementable Technology Specifications

Infrastructure and Messaging (InM)Infrastructure And Messaging Work Group20 Sep 2022Yes.  Mission was clarified, Charter was updated to fix inconsistencies.2022-09-20 InM Sept WGM Q1
Learning Health Systems

Mobile Health

Modeling and Methodology (MnM)Modeling and Methodology / CharterOct 30, 2018Yes, update to include FHIR Methodology
Orders and Observations

Sep 20, 2022no changes to mission, updated charter around V3 maintenance (only have nutrition messages left) and updated the formal relationships as appropriate
Patient Administration

Patient Care

Patient Empowerment

Patient Empowerment Mission and Charter

Payer/Provider Information Exchange


Payer/Provider Information Exchange Home


Yes, updated- minor changes

PIE WGM Sept 19 - 22, 2022 Agenda/Minutes

2022-09-27 PIE WG Meeting Agenda/Minutes

Pharmacy10/3/2022Minor updates2022-10-03 Agenda/Meeting Notes
Public HealthPublic Health Work Group


yes – minor copy edits20220919 Q3 PHWG WGM Minutes

Service Oriented Architecture

Structured Documents

VocabularyMission and Charter2022-11-17Yes, significantly rewritten. Added interactions with other workgroups.2022-11-17 Vocab WG Call Agenda/Minutes
V2 Management GroupVersion 2 Management Group Home2022-09-21Updates for current org structure, editorial text updates2022 Sept WGM
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