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ISSUE – Consensus Groups Listing Not Displayed: If you navigate to the Ballot Desktop and it does not correctly display the listing of consensus groups you have previously signed up for, please click the "January 2019 Ballot Cycle" link in the left-hand navigation pane. This will resolve 90% of users’ issues.

ISSUE – Ballot Pools Not Open for Enrollment: When enrolling in consensus groups, you may notice that some ballot items are not available for enrollment. This is because the enrollment period for that ballot item has closed. 

IMPORTANT: Should you have issues voting, it is important that you contact us before the close of the ballot voting period. Communications received after a ballot has closed cannot be honored. 

OTHER ISSUES - Should you have any other issues logging in to the Ballot Desktop, signing up for ballot pools or voting, please contact Lynn Laakso (, Technical Publications Manager, or, HL7 Webmaster

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