Health Level Seven International® invites you to review the relevant announcements regarding balloting HL7 candidate standards and documents.

Important News:  

Recent changes to ANSI’s Essential Requirements eliminate Associations as an interest type for balloting (this does not affect membership). Beginning with the September 2022 ballot cycle, if your organization falls under the Government/Professional Associations/Universities membership category, it will display as General Interest type for purposes of balloting.

ANSI also changed the requirements such that Consultants and Association voters must identify the interest type they are representing for a particular client, consensus group, or constituency. This change was made because many consultants and non-profit organizations are paid or otherwise represent another interest type and ANSI is of the opinion that those votes should be counted under the interest type they actually represent. For example, a consultant may be hired by a provider to participate in a particular consensus group, and their vote should be counted under the provider interest type. Likewise, a non-profit association may represent EHR vendors, and votes cast by that non-profit should be counted under the vendor interest type.

To accommodate these changes to the ANSI Essential Requirements, all Consultant and General Interest voting members will need to choose which interest type they are representing for each consensus group they join. These voters may be representing themselves and can still choose Consultant, Government/Non-Profit, or General Interest for any given consensus group.

Learn more or review the notification at [hl7news] ANSI Changes that Affect Balloting.pdf

For ballot material submitters, here is the ballot material cover page template:   Ballot_CoverPage_Template_2023MAY.doc

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