January 2024 Ballot Cycle

Deadline Date

Deadline Description

Sunday October 22FHIR IG Proposal due to FMG
Sunday November 5THO Content Freeze

Sunday November 12

NIB Deadline 

2024JAN FHIR IG Proposal Approval deadline

2024JAN FHIR IG Publisher/Validator issues reported

Tuesday, November 14TSC appeal deadline for missed 2024JAN NIB Deadline 2 PM Eastern
Friday November 172024JAN FHIR Connectathon Proposals Due
Sunday, November 19THO Release (Approximate)
Monday, November 202024JAN Consensus Group (ballot pool) Signup/Enrollment OPENS
Tuesday December 52024JAN FHIR Ballot Core (if balloting) substantive freeze
Sunday, December 32024JAN Reconciliation Deadline
Tuesday, December 5

2024JAN TSC appeal deadline for missed Reconciliation Deadline

FHIR Ballot Content freeze

WG approves FHIR IG 

Thursday, December 14Consensus Group Balance of Interest Check Dec 1 - Dec 3
Friday, December 15FHIR Ballot Content QA change application Dec 2 - Dec
Sunday, December 172024JAN Final Content Deadline
Tuesday, December 19

TSC appeal deadline for missed FINAL Content Deadline 2 PM Eastern

2024JAN Ballot Readiness sign-off through Thursday

Thursday, December 212024JAN Consensus Group Signup Closes
Friday, December 222024JAN Ballot Open for Voting December 22-Jan 22
Saturday, December 30, 20232024JAN WG Agendas posted deadline (WGH)
Monday, January 22, 20242024JAN Ballot Voting Closes

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

2024JAN FHIR Virtual Connectathon: Tues - Thurs
Monday, January 29, 20242024JAN WGM Jan 29-Feb 2
Friday, January 16 20242024JAN WG Minutes posted deadline (WGH)
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