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Member signed up for ballot on ballot desktop. On the day the ballot opened their membership was not active and they were not pulled in to the export, to have a ballot_submission record in Jira. Their membership has since been re-activated but they have no ability to vote in Jira. I have to add them manually.

In addition, member's email address in membership database is different than member's email address on their Jira ID so it created a duplicate user record for them.

Update documentation to suppress creating new users if adding records after the initial import.



Eric and Josh set up the cf page to query Jira and get updated votes for the past couple days, then update corresponding records in HL72, so the ballot desktop is updated to match the ballot dashboard every 6 hours

fields needed are Custom field (External Id (Ballot Submission)), Custom field (Vote - Ballot), and Updated

little wrinkle that "No Return" was needed by ballot desktop and avoid updating with "No Vote" from Jira.


LynnFrom discussion on Q&A Zoom call today, need instructions/guidance on those ballots that have restricted artifacts, if there is something that is not in this list but you believe should be in scope, here is how we would like you to tag that commentE.g. FHIR R4B tag the ballot intro page as your artifact


LynnTriaging while the ballot voting is still open prohibits the voter from making additional edits

FHIR-31715 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MelvaOrganization name needs to be exactly the same for all individuals that are part of the same organization - need to figure out how this is included in import



Fix issue with import results spreadsheet - as per Lloyd

  • Flyover says "Must be specified if (and only if) vote is NEG or A-S and tracker # is not specified
  • It should also account for A-C
  • I suspect the color highlighting is also wrong

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  1. Suggest removing the character limit in comment/summary sections. Having a character limit will reduce the ability of our experts to fully explain some ballot comments.

    Suggest adding NA to Artifacts column and column N, for when these inputs aren't required. Our clinical experts often have general comments rather than specific comments on an artifact.

    Formulas in all cells produced errors when spreadsheet was uploaded. Suggest adding guidance that when uploading spreadsheet, formulas must be converted to plain text.

    Guidance currently suggests that Sub-category does not need to be filled out for A-C line items. Column turns red when populated on an A-C row.  Need to correct this because the Sub-category column is required of all rows.

  2. A test environment would have been nice to figure the process out without negative consequences.   

  3. I didn't submit any specific issues for the R4B ballot, so can't comment on that part.  Specific comments worked reasonably well in the early pilots.

    We used the Link Vote feature and it worked as desired.  It wasn't intuitive to our voters, had to get everybody on a web meeting.  I created a Jira filter to determine if our voters had connected to my "master" ballot - a kluge, at best. 

    I suggest that the ballot being linked-to shows who has linked-to that ballot - simply: if my ballot is being linked to, I want to know who has linked to my ballot.

  4. Step by step instructions would have been beneficial.  When Super usurers do the training, their screens show more functions and they sometimes forget just how much they know and how little the audience knows.

    1. Thanks Norman, Here is a link to step by step instructions: How to Guide for Balloting using Jira

    • We didn't create any Tracker items for this ballot, but have on previous FHIR ballots so assume nothing has changed here.  Agree that summary field could be larger and comment field should be as large a possible given JIRA limitations.
    • I figured out how to vote 'affirmative' or 'abstain' on a ballot. 
      • A diagram or English step-by-step that explicitly stated to go to JIRA, open this dashboard, click here, etc would have made this easier.  Finally found the documentation that led me to do this.  Note - The documentation should not assume the person is familiar with JIRA, etc.  They could be new to HL7 (companies do have staff turnover), some companies are use the Microsoft stack and thus TFS instead of JIRA, or the person is a clinician that never had to deal with this in their job...
    • What I'm still uncertain about is how to vote 'negative'. 
      • Do the Tracker items that I vote "affirmative" for (in other words I agree with the problem raised in the Tracker item) get associated to the ballot so that when I vote "negative" it knows which Tracker items to attach? 
    1. Thanks for your comments.  There are step by step instructions: How to Guide for Balloting using Jira.  Would appreciate your feedback on them.

    • It would be great to have a simple guide how to quickly find Jira-Issues other people already voted on. Maybe it is a simple filter (e.g. "raised in version = R4B"). However, that would be really helpful as I could imagine that in some cases it would prevent duplicate entries.
    • Now that R5 Ballot started, I browsed to some of the issues that were raised for R4B. However, the buttons "Vote aff."/"Vote neg." are visible for those "old" issues. Is that supposed to be? The following screenshot has just been taken:
  5. I found it challenging to get the two different JIRA things entered and attached to each other however I thought I had done this but I do not see my negative vote in the spreadsheet that is on the ballot desktop.  I had trouble entering this comment because my default browser did not work.  

    1. Kathy, can you please give me more information?  You can email me at and I'll check.

  6. Finding it very difficult to navigate Jira and find the voting buttons. It has been a challenge to make the time commitment to attend hour+ long training, as well as the various Q&A sessions to find the answer.

    I may be overlooking the necessary guidance in the materials. My question is: given a list of ballots in the ballot desktop, how do I navigate to each one and take action in Jira? When I find a ballot in "BALDEF", there are no voting buttons. Is there something I should be doing differently?

    1. You can go to your HL7 Balloting Dashboard to find the ballots that are available for voting.  When you click on each one, you'll find the buttons to vote affirmative or abstain.  If you want to add a specific issue, you can click on the links and add an issue in Jira and then vote on that specific issue.  From the Dashboard, there is also an ability to upload a spreadsheet if you prefer that approach.

      There is information on this Confluence Page on how to add your Dashboard: How to Guide for Balloting using Jira

  7. Hi. 2 questions:

    1. I signed up for a ballot that is not on my ballot desktop, although there is a BALDEF ticket for it.   BALDEF-1980 - Getting issue details... STATUS  I expected to see the 2 ballots in the pilot where I am in the consensus group on my ballot desktop. 
    2. Please point me to the instructions for relating a JIRA ticket already entered to my BALLOT ticket. Unfortunately my notes from the Q&A sessions aren't clear beyond indicating that it is possible. I looked through the information here: How to Guide for Balloting using Jira and cannot find what I'm looking for. 


    1. Lynn took care of #1 for me - I didn't realize that every ballot (even if not participating in the pilot) has a BALDEF ticket. Still interested in help on #2.

      1. If you have a Jira issue already logged and it is related to a specification in the ballot and using Jira, you should be able to see the Voting buttons at the top of the issue - Affirmative and Negative.  Use those buttons to vote.  

        If you are voting by spreadsheet, then include the Jira issue number in your spreadsheet with your vote.

        What issue are you trying to vote on?