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The ideal boilerplate for workgroups: (refer to Infrastructure And Messaging Work Group) – Patrick E. Loyd - This is not in synch with the requirements as published.

Space Shortcuts will include:

HL7 Main Page

HL7 Work Groups & Projects

<work group space main page>

Child pages / Page Tree

Child pages for the WG:

Page Tree  (I think this is automagic as long as the items are created in the space)

<space name> Decision Log

<space name> Meeting index

<space name> Projects

Decision log

Title should default to <spacename> Decision log.

The rest of it seems ok as is.  It displays the fields from the child decision pages based on the items in the left column of the children.

NOTE: If the text of the left column of the decision is changed by the editor, the decision log will show extra columns! 

Decision pages:

Default Decision has the following fields:


Outcome$final-decision $final-decision-placeholder
Due Date$due-date $due-data-placeholder


Suggested decision should have:

  • Labels should be <spacename> <decisions>


Outcome(Affirm-negative-abstain)$final-decision $final-decision-placeholder
Due Date$due-date $due-data-placeholder


  • Vote - Optional
  • Action Items 

Optional VOTE macro. 

  • The Vote macro should default to Title:" Vote for this decision"
  • The option "Changeable votes should be checked.
  • The option "Show comments" should be checked.
  • Username visualization should be plain login name.

Vote options should be

  • Affirmative
  • Negative
  • Abstain


Meeting Agenda Template 

Labels should be <spacename> <meeting-notes>



  • Date 
  • Facilitation
  • Note Taker
  • Attendees (table w/3 columns : Present, Name, Affiliation) 
  • Create from template macro with button-label "Create Decision"

Agenda Topics

Agenda Outline
Agenda Item
Meeting Minutes from Discussion
Decision Link (if not child)
Management Minute Approval  


Management Next agenda  
 Adjournment  Adjourned at 

Supporting Documents

Outline Reference
Supporting Document
Minute Approval


Action items


Meeting Index


  • No labels