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Welcome to the Atlassian Evaluation Page.  This will list requirements and ideas to be explored during the evaluation of Atlassian Confluence Wiki as a general collaboration and authoring tool for workgroups and project teams, and JIRA as an issue tracking and workflow tool.



Confluence Requirements

  1. Evaluate creation of agendas and meeting minutes, including ability to generate notification of action items and reminders of past-due actions.
  2. Evaluate authoring of documents, including ability to track work from multiple authors/editors, formatting capabilities, version control and rollback to previous versions, lock final content, support commenting and likes.  (Create, Edit, Comment, Approve, Like). 
  3. Evaluate ability to generate Word and pdf versions of such documents for distribution via email or to website, other Wikis, etc.
  4. Evaluate polling capabilities for general straw polls for acceptance of proposals, approvals, decisions or final versions of documents. 
  5. Assess and propose administrative policies:  self-directed account creation, authorization/permission policies to spaces, default notification policies (and other default settings), opt-in to subscribe, etc.
  6. Evaluate online creation, review and approval of project scope statement (PSS) and other internal forms. (May involve evaluate of 3rd party form creation add-ons).  Determine whether PSS creation should be assigned to separate spaces for each WG, or should be centrally located.
  7. Assess impact of migrating from an online form (i.e., PSS) to a new version with new/changed content.
  8. Evaluate ability to transfer content from online PSS to Project Insight.
  9. Assess impact of network failure (saving drafts) and ability to work offline for certain capabilities (e.g. document updates).
  10. Assess ability to serve as a portal or create pages which link to existing resources (Website URLs, Wiki documents or pages, Tracker items, etc.)
  11. Additional requirements from TSC Chair for Decision log, a place where decisions made by a group could be listed and viewed by those interested. Also, I believe it would be a tool the group could use to review and evaluate past decisions. As it is now, the TSC needs to look through meeting minutes, emails, gForge trackers and various other things to find decisions made by groups like the TSC, Board, Governance Boards and others to share decisions made:  
    1. Identify the issue
    2. Provide dates of when the issue was created, date when the decision has to be made (not always the case but in situations where ballot may need to open; it would be great to identify due dates), final decision date and a date when impacted items will be complete to meet the decision, and the actual date the decision is fully functional (when the GOM was updated or other document).
    3. Identify the movers, the person (or group(s)) that requested a decision, the vote and the owner (individual and/or group(s)) to complete the requirements of the decision.
    4. Identify what is impacted by the decision (GOM needs to be updated, anticipated ETA) and what group(s) are impacted.
    5. Must be searchable, extractable (to excel or something else) and be able to referenced so that the decision can live within the tool and all other documents be able to reference the item cited in the document.It would be great if it is simple to use and easy to roll-out to all groups that want to use it including WGs. If it is possible, it would be great if all decisions made for a given meeting could be gathered together in the tool and have a single URL in the meeting minutes to list all those decisions without having to cut and paste into the meeting minutes.
    6. It would be great if uncompleted decisions could be gathered and then put into the meeting agenda using a URL or other function so that they do not need to be cut and pasted. However, if they can at least be sorted and the only immediate solution is cut and paste, then that at least gets a step closer to the perfect world we keep striving for.

JIRA Requirements

  1. Evaluate JIRA for issue/problem tracking with workflow for assigning actions, updates, resolution, etc.
  2. Evaluate JIRA for ballot reconciliation.
  3. Evaluate JIRA as a decision log for TSC, governance committees and Workgroups.


About us

A place to include requirements and potential uses for the Atlassian toolset.


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