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Roll CallMP

Wayne Kubick

David Johnson
Lorraine Constablex
Lloyd McKenzie
Ted Klein
Josh Prociousx
Dave Hamill
Melva Petersx
Ballot ProjectLM/MP
  • Name of remaining Jira Project for "other" specifications - CIMI, V3, DAM, Arden Syntax, EHR, etc
    • raise this on the TSC
  • Status of work (from Lloyd)
    • I've completed the change in how definition and submission link to and the indexing bit.
    • Now working on some other clean up
Webmaster's ReportDJ/JP
  • No discussion
    • EC2 instance issue
      • support
    • System Diagrams

JIRACon Project

  • Gforge License Status
    • in progress
  • Confluence calendars - low priority - no discussion
STU Comment/Jira MigrationMP
  • Mapping - done
  • Hope to have STU migration done in next couple of weeks
    • Lorraine asked about enhancements that had been previously identified
    • We are moving to JIRA using the FHIR templates - Management Groups have agreed that they will work with what FHIR Specification has
    • Will Schedule a webinar to walk through Specification Feedback and JIRA balloting - Wayne/Melva
      • 2 separate webinars
  • Status of Pull Requests - have been done
Gforge Tracker Jira MigrationMP
  • Migration from Gforge
    • ran into an issue with content not coming out of Gforge in standard export
      • Don will need to work with Gforge to get access to database for export
Gforge SVN and Document MigrationMP
  • Document Repository
    • there is an add-on for Confluence - connector to S3 buckets
    • free version - 100 bucket limit
    • create folders and sub-folders
    • uploads and downloads
    • configurable to allow anyone with Confluence log in
    • Need to put some governance around this
      • create bucket for each WG and a file storage page for each WG
      • do not want to allow editing of the File Storage page itself - can edit folder structure and upload/download
      • Naming convention for pages matching bucket
      • 1 per WG
      • Josh to look at which spaces use the most amount of space - start with those spaces
      • need to figure out which documents should go in here
        • governance on what should go in this
      • you can use links to include into the minutes
      • spreadsheets, power points, video recordings, documents, PDF
    • Create tip sheet
UTG ProjectTK
  • Process and policy for adding in members who will administer UTG process
    • guidance from SGB - proposal
      • no discussion to date
Parking LotWK/JP
  • 508 Compliance - build in to IG publisher for next year - not funded at this point
    • Lorraine had a request from Ontario for template
  • Permissions - Josh and Patrick working on SGB precepts work
    • Lorraine to let Josh know if permissions need to be changed for Confluence - no work at this point
  • Confluence forms - Inventory of forms - no work
  • Creation of OIDS
    • Josh has created a Confluence page with 4 macros for OIDS - counter - provides a way to "reserve" an OID
      • there is a check done before adding to the OID Registry
    • skeptical about the process 
      • Josh has concerns about this
    • Wayne and Josh to chat about this - will set up a call
Announcements / AdministrationMP
  • Governance on File Storage - Josh/Melva
  • Webinar for review of JIRA Specification Feedback and JIRA Balloting
  • Creation of OIDS - Josh and Wayne to discuss
10:35am EDT

Action items

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