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Roll CallMP
  • Wayne Kubick
  • David Johnson
  • Lorraine Constable
  • Tony Julian
  • Lloyd McKenzie
  • Ted Klein
  • Jean Duteau
  • Josh Procious
  • Marc Duteau
  • Andrew Statler
  • Dave Hamill
  • Jessica Snell
  • Patrick Loyd
  • Melva Peters
  • Austin Kreisler 
  • Lynn Laakso
Ballot ProjectLM/MP
  • code written to link ballot submission and ballot definitions 
  • need to update code to use the linking mechanism - 
  • pilot in September - questionable - Lloyd will be looking at outstanding work
    • January at the latest, but will try for an out of cycle ballot prior to January
    • may be an Accelerator project 
Webmaster's ReportDJ/JP
  • EC2 instance issue
    • no issues since
    • have not heard back from support
    • Josh to followup next week and confirm who is the better contact
    • load balancing - would be a bigger project
    • previously used HL7 account - paid for business level support (phone support)
      • could pay for this on a different account with Amazon
      • DJ and Josh to work on any questions - could buy for a short period of time
  • System Diagrams
    • no progress

JIRACon Project

  • Gforge License - Josh pinged Lynn
    • process has been started to renew license for 1 year
    • should be sufficient time to complete migration
  • Confluence calendars
    • Josh is working with Lynn with some macros to see which can be used
    • not urgent
STU Comment/Jira MigrationMP
  • Don Lloyd has mapping developed
    • getting input from Lloyd
  • sql statement - waiting for review by Josh and Lynn
  • Will work on test migration
  • V2b has done pull request
  • CDA has done pull request - broken
Gforge Tracker Jira MigrationMP
  • JIRA projects have been cleaned up
  • Gforge trackers - have migrated WGM Meeting room request project to JIRA
  • Don will be working on migration of V2 and CDA to JIRA projects
  • Permissions have been changed on Gforge so that no additional trackers can be added
Gforge SVN and Document MigrationMP
  • Analysis started of content
    • Gforge Documents
      • Project specific - often pre-ballot
    • Gforge SVN
      • project related
      • ballot related
      • WG related - Mission and Charter, SWOT, DMP, PSS
    • HL7 Document Repository
      • WG related - Mission and Charter, SWOT, DMP, PSS
      • Pre-Ballot content - members only
      • WGs still uploading content - specification content primarily, but also presentations
        • CQI
        • ITS
        • PPIE
        • Security
        • Structured Documents
  • Most WG's have moved to Confluence for minutes, etc
  • What recommendation do we want to make about presentations, etc that are uploaded to Confluence?
    • concern that we don't want to start dumping content in
    • provide direction to groups on how to store documents on Confluence
  • have documents in SVN that may need to be moved over
  • have code/v3 material in SVN
  • guidance on what to go in to Confluence, Github and how to structure
  • Confluence is not ideal as a document repository and Git is too complicated
    • this is a gap
  • Documents that need to be findable and versionable
  • have WGs who have documents on personal Dropbox
  • there is an AWS solution - DJ will investigate
UTG ProjectTK
  • Ted working with Josh
  • as more people starting to work with UTG in pilot - finding some issues
  • getting submissions for consensus review - 6 items
  • remaining workflow to be tested - process approvals, merges - will be done as part of the pilot - may be next week
  • controversy between vocab, HTA and FHIR - hesitant to push things through UTG until there is a resolution
    • different notions on what it means to check with the community
    • will wait until Wayne weighs in on the topic
  • may have to bring "push proforma" transition back - based on ongoing discussion
  • Grahame and Ted committing to git UTG - got out of sync
  • want to improve user interface for voting - Ted to work with Josh
  • some content issues that needed to be resolved this week
  • changes to publisher - introduced some template support - tabs on code system page - no rendering properly - Ted needs support from Lloyd
  • looking for full roll out by end of July
  • Process and policy for adding in members who with administer UTG process
    • waiting for guidance from SGB
      • SGB should identify the process but TSC needs to sign off on it
      • need more details before TSC can weigh in
    • individuals vs group votes - different weighting - this has been implemented
    • SGB has a difference of opinion
    • suggestion that a small group work on this and put a proposal forward 
      • need to socialize the perceived change
      • Ted and Lorraine will start to do this 
        • may consider adding Rob McClure - but building a framework first
Parking LotWK/JP
  • 508 Compliance - build in to IG publisher for next year - not funded at this point
    • Lorraine had a request from Ontario for template
  • Permissions - Josh and Patrick working on SGB precepts work 
    • Lorraine to let Josh know if permissions need to be changed for Confluence
  • Confluence forms - need to review all forms and try to simplify
    • PubRequest after PSS form
    • do an inventory of forms that need to either migrated and/or updated
  • Creation of OIDS -
    • can do this on Confluence - with complex math
    • don't know if this is the best place to do this - shouldn't be the source of truth for OIDS
    • ideally have an API connection to the OID registry - significant development and not planned
    • Ted to work with Josh
Announcements / AdministrationMP


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