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The May HL7 WGM in Cologne starts on May 12th, which means it's only 32 days away (as it's April 10, April has 30 days total).  Below are the deliverables expected by the JIRACon project with a countdown counter (taking into account our final deliverable day is actually May 4th, a week before Cologne to ensure adequate testing of components and features).

Boilerplate Work Group Space Contents - 0 of the categories of requirements (see below) have been finished to date

Question: is there a way so that "create from template" type buttons are only available (shown on the screen) for group "work-group-leaders"?

Anthony Julian If the page is restricted, the buttons are restricted.  So then to we add a restriction to all WG pages?  This doesn't seem to be optimal.  Patrick E. Loyd  Agree, that is not optimal.  I do think there is another way to make this work.  Will follow up with Michael  Patrick E. Loyd SDWG asked to have a new group created for that requirement.  I convinced them to use group "work-group-leaders" so they should have our answer.  Patrick to followup with SDWG as well.

Templates:  Countdown** Due in (10 days)

  • WGM Attendance Log template - (Tony)

    • Anthony Julian: I think this needs some work but ok.  The check boxes are problematic.

  • WGM Agenda template - (Chad)  

    • Patrick E. Loyd Creating page to use as an example tonight.  Patrick E. Loyd - New approach to attendance, use a check-box for each attendee with capacity to add names.  I've noted that checking a check-box doesn't seem to be treated like an edit and many attendees can update at the same time (but my testing has been limited)

Sidebar:  Countdown** Due in (20 days)

  • Common starter sidebar configuration which includes: - (Chad)

    • HL7 Main Page (for Confluence)
    • HL7 Work Groups & Projects page (analogous to the main page of the wiki)
    • HL7 Work Group Home Page (for that specific work group)
    • WG Meeting Index
    • WG Decision Log
    • WG JIRA Queues
    • Atlassian Help & Documentation
    • HL7 Environment, How-Tos & Webinars

First page contents: Countdown** Due in (15 days)

  • WG Home page - (Chad)

    • WG Welcome message (generic, wg-leaders to edit)
    • WG Mission and/or objective (generic, wg-leaders to edit)
    • WG Projects List - Projects List (on main page for each work group, this is a query macro, project list is a content list, works off a label (not restricted to only one space) (I added one to
    • WG List of Leaders (generic, wg-leaders to edit)
    • WG Action log is a 'Task report'  generated from the incomplete tasks in the space (if so configured). Put on Home WG page instead of sidebar link.  See InM Meeting Index  Patrick E. Loyd Moved to wg home page items above.  Removed from sidebar
    • Access to Roll-out page (needs conditional logic so only accessible by wg-leaders)

Buttons for templates:  Countdown** Due in (15 days)

  • On Meeting Index page - (Chad)

Patrick E. Loyd On meeting index, create from template buttons are all for wg-leaders access only

    • Create Weekly Agenda/minutes instance from template
    • Create WGM Attendance Log from template
    • Create WGM Minutes from template
    • Create WGM Agenda from template


  • On Agenda/Minutes page - (Chad)

On an instantiated agenda/minutes page buttons are for wg-leaders access only

    • Button to log a decision in minutes
    • Button to add an action item (don't think we need a button for this one)

Documentation:  Countdown** Due in (25 days)

  • Documentation to write - (Patrick)

    • All new buttons
    • sidebar starter contents
    • decision log
    • action log  

ALSO:  Countdown** Due in (25 days)

  • Misc - (Patrick)

    • Webinars - Wish to have webinars ready to go as well to allow bunches of WG spaces to be implemented 

    • Finally - process, I think  we can/should use the 'default space' function when creating new spaces for work groups.  Needs some research.

    • Page restrictions - can do everywhere, EXCEPT on the meeting index

    • Want to discuss ideas for roll-out process - current is to have a wg-leaders only button/link from WG home page to roll-out page which has new features/functions and directions

    • Some way to avoid having to login to confluence, then login again to JIRA. - ask Michael

    • Confirm default values for user creation as well as space creation
    • Have Lloyd document on a confluence page the user permission/groups that we agree to via email
    • Page for logging future functions/features so they're very visible

Finally:  Countdown** Due in (21 days)

  • PSS Workflow - (Patrick)

    • Project Scope Statement workflow requirements.  Due on 4/30/2018.