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This is the home page for the HL7 JIRA/Confluence initial setup and configuration Project . For any and all feature requests as well as bugs, problems, etc. please log a JIRA ticket to the JIRACon project.

Project: JIRACon

May 2018 - Deliverables - Countdown to Cologne for upcoming HL7 2018 WGM

Project Requirements (please review and add, edit. esp. Pilot WGs)

JIRA & Confluence Draft Policy and Procedure Statements These will form the basis of any policies about use of this environment or procedures for it's use

 JIRA Ballot System Documents Information on the Proposed new JIRA Ballot System

Pre-project work:

Initial thoughts on use of new JIRA and Confluence products: Atlassian Evaluation

Starter of templates. Note, these are not the official templates for HL7 use. Simply a set of examples for functionalty: Meeting Information Management

About us

Project space for the JIRA and Confluence project for HL7 Work Groups @sa

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