Track overview


This track intends to design and test FHIR Questionnaire and QuestionnaireResponse resources conformant to the Structured Data Capture(SDC) Implementation Guide.A few selected forms and questionnaires used in the Indian Healthcare System will be converted into FHIR Questionnaires and QuestionnaireResponses and tested for a viable design approach for consistent coherent data collection.


Forms and questionnaires are integral part of the healthcare domain to capture clinical and administrative data.
But there are user experience concerns in the healthcare IT systems for not so good screens, cumbersome data fields and not capturing the right data.

FHIR is for exchanging data but it has capability to capture data as well using the Questionnaire and QuestionnaireResponse resources in the base specification.

Structured Data Capture(SDC) Implementation Guide provides a set of guidance for the use of FHIR Questionnaire and QuestionnaireResponse.It represents a collection of enhancements to the standard Questionnaire definition in the FHIR base specification that facilitates data pre-population, data extraction, advanced form rendering and behaviour control.

There is a need to consider a few selected forms and questionnaires used in the Indian Healthcare System as use cases to explore Structured Data Capture(SDC) as a viable design approach to provide better user experience and allow consistent coherent data collection that can lead to a pathway towards healthcare interoperability.

The scope of the track is to design FHIR Questionnaire as per the use case provided and validate the corresponding QuestionnaireResponse on FHIR server.

Track Outcomes: 5 Questionnaires and the corresponding QuestionnaireResponses


  • Test the design of Questionnaire and QuestionnaireResponse Resources
  • Educate on the use of SDC IG


  • Knowledge of forms and questionnaires used in the healthcare domain
  • Knowledge of FHIR 

Software Requirements 

Track Lead

Avanti Joshi

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FHIR Version

  • FHIR R4

Specification(s) this track uses

Artifacts of Focus

Clinical input requested (if any)

Need feedback from the clinical community for the track outcomes.

Expected Participants

  1. Solution Architects
  2. Application Front-end Developers
  3. UX/UI Designers
  4. Clinicians (interested/involved in Form Design)
  5. FHIR Enthusiasts (who wish to explore SDC)

Zulip Stream


Track Orientation

Pre-connectathon sessions will be conducted as part of the track orientation which will prepare the participants for the Connectathon tasks.

Sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Walk through of LHC FHIR Tools
  • Understanding the use cases
  • Overview of FHIR Base Specification (for Questionnaire and QuestionnaireResponse Resources)
  • Overview of SDC IG 


Note: The session recordings are uploaded on HL7 India Youtube Channel and are available to participants only.

Use Cases

Following use cases will be considered for structured data capture:

  • Use Case 01: General Wellness Questionnaire
  • Use Case 02: Co-morbidities
  • Use Case 03: Lab Test Report
  • Use Case 04: Health Calculator
  • Use Case 05: Hospital Based Cancer Registry (HBCR) Form

Track Task Details

For all the 5 use cases the following tasks will be performed:

  1. Understand the use case
    • Brief discussion on use case
    • Clarification on the data to be captured
  2. Design  Questionnaire
    • Design questionnaire using LHC FHIR Tools (NLM Form Builder)
    • Save and download the final json
  3. Test Questionnaire
    • Test questionnaire using LHC FHIR Tools (SDC Questionnaire App)
    • Fill the questionnaire and save the final json
  4. Test on FHIR Server
    • Create Patient resource
    • Post Questionnaire resource
    • Post QuestionnaireResponse resource
  5. Save Outcome
    • Create a proper folder and save all 5 Questionnaires and the corresponding QuestionnaireResponses

Track Schedule 

Day 1: Dec 10, 2021 (Friday)

03:00 pm - 04:30 pm      Event Inauguration, Keynote Address by the Chair and other dignitaries

04:30 pm - 05:00 pm      -----Break-----

05:00 pm - 07:00 pm      Use Case 1: General Wellness Questionnaire

Day 2: Dec 11, 2021 (Saturday)

09:00 am - 10:00 am      Expert Session by Lloyd McKenzie and Grahame Grieve

10:00 am - 10:20 am       -----Break-----                                        

10:20 am - 01:00 pm      Use Case 2: Co-morbidities

                                         Use Case 3: Lab Test Report

01:00 pm - 02:00 pm    ------Lunch Break--------  

02:00 pm - 04:00 pm    Use Case 4: Health Calculator

04:00 pm - 04:20 pm    -------Break-------

04:20 pm - 06:00 pm    Use Case 5: Hospital Based Cancer Registry(HBCR) Form

06:00 pm - 06:15 pm     -------Break--------

06:15 pm - 07:00 pm     Completion of tasks for all the use cases

Day 3: Dec 12, 2021 (Sunday)

08:00 am - 10:30 am     Review of all 5 use cases + Discussion of outstanding issues + Q&A Session

10:30 am - 10:45 am      -------Break--------

10:45 am - 12:30 am      Track Report Out and Event Closing Keynotes

System Roles

FHIR Server : would be required to validate the Questionnaires and QuestionnaireResponses.

Participants can choose any of the following:

Security and Privacy Considerations

  • Do not use any personal data, if working on public test server
  • Do not share any personal data with participants, if working on real data on proprietary server

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