Justification and Objectives
An effort towards an "Interoperable Disease Registry"
NDHM as part of the framework of Digital Health Ecosystem has identified the need for enabling "Interoperable Disease Registry". Cancer Registries in India have been in use in varied settings like HBCR - A Hospital Based Cancer Registry and PBCR - A Population Based Cancer Registry.
India has been ramping up the implementation of Digital Health based delivery of care as can be seen by the massive Vaccination Drive enabled using Technology enabled platforms.
Cancer Registry therefore presents itself a very focussed usecase to bring together a multidisciplinary team of clinicians and technologists to work towards enabling during the FHIR India Connectathon 2021, a POC that leverages the NDHM Profiles that we developed and published during the last years' FHIR India Connectathon 2020, and the work that has been done by the community in the past one year to enable another usecase this year - the Interoperable Cancer Registry
This track will use what version of FHIR.
We will be using FHIR R4 for this track.

  1. FHIR Server (R4) - Link

Clinical input requested (if any)
We will be working with the clinicians for enabling the clinical context to the various data elements present in the ICMRs HBCR and PBCR forms and map the various data elements of these forms to the possible data elements within EMRs and Patient Administration Information.
Related tracks
We will be collaborating with all the Tracks that have been proposed during the connectathon:

  • FHIR Starter Track
  • ABDM Implementation Track
  • Terminology Track
  • Structured Data Capture Track
  • FHIR Server Implementation Track
  • DICOM and FHIR Track
  • IPS Track
  • Consent Management Track

Each of these tracks will be relevant in enabling an "Interoperable Disease Registry"
Proposed Track Lead
Manish Sharma, manish.sharma@karkinos.in, +91 98805 68628
We are looking forward to adding Participants as Track Leads for this track. Please connect with the Organising Team or the Track Lead for further details
Expected participants

  1. Telemedicine Platform Companies, Hospitals, Clinics
  2. Developers / Architects
  3. Product managers
  4. Test engineer/Managers
  5. Students/learner (Health Informatics)
  6. Hospitals
  7. Central and State Government Health Departments

Track Orientation
A webinar will be hosted on date at time to share further participation information about this track.

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