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FHIR in a nutshell


Several initiatives on government agencies (Federal and regional) and some vendors interested on FHIR.

HL7 Belgium starting working groups to facilitate work and to define an "operating model" for using FHIR.

Federal "core" profiles published, several ImplementationGuides in progress, hosted by HL7 Belgium

First "Official" relesae of HL7 Belgium profiles expected during June


eHealth (Federal) core profiles IG:

HL7 wiki:


Some local initiatives around FHIR.
Upcoming (Q3 2020) nationwide telemedicine system based on FHIR STU3.
Claimed to be used by some vendors.
Used versions: STU3 and R4.

Work on national IG has started. Uses the IG Publisher CD/CI pipeline

Weekly meetings every other monday 15-16 o'clock.


IG under development:

Upcoming nationwide telemedicine system:

Registry of FHIR projects in Affiliate wiki:


Several local initiatives around FHIR.
Officially used by few (one?) Regions; no National specifications based on FHIR.
Claimed to be used by several vendors.
Used versions: STU3 and R4.
Recently restarted a FHIR community under HL7 IT, weekly calls on Friday, 3 PM CET/CEST.  (Indice Meeting (FHIR) )
The first FHIR IG (logical model and base profiles) is under development. It uses the FHIR Publisher tool, sources on GitHub.


Several local and national initiatives around FHIR.

Used versions: STU3 and R4.
HL7 FHIR working group calls every three weeks on Monday, 4 PM CET/CEST, see 

STU1 Ballot for CH-Core Profiles. IG are developed with FHIR Publisher tool.



IG under development:

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