HL7 Europe 10 Year Anniversary Celebration: HL7 Standards in Europe: past, present, and future.

SAVE the DATE: 18 Jan 2021, 4pm to 6:00 pm CET
HL7 Europe Achievements 2010-2020, Catherine Chronaki, Secretary General, HL7 Europe

  • What has HL7 Europe contributed in Europe so far for the European Region (WHO Euro region)?

HL7 Europe – What's next?
Moderator: Line Anderssen, HL7 Norway, HL7 Europe Board of Directors

  • Jasper van Lieshout, Enterprise Architect· ‎Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, NL
  • Miroslav Koncar, HL7 Croatia
  • Kai Heitmann, Director of Interoperability, Health Innovation Hub, Germany

HL7 as an organization has been a catalyst for health information technology standards since the times of HL7v2 and remains a catalyst with HL7 CDA and HL7 FHIR large scale projects as myHealth@EU and eHDSI introducing new ways of developing standards and accelerating their adoption.
Following the speaker talks, the following questions will be addressed in a panel:

  • How do you see the role HL7 Europe and European affiliates moving into the future?
  • How can they work together to support an increasingly diverse set of stakeholders and use cases in and out of healthcare organizations?
  • What actions can help defragment the market, secure pragmatic regulations (e.g. self-regulation vs government-mandate)?
  • What synergies work well? Where more work is needed?
  • How do you see the changing role of HL7 Affiliates in Europe, vis-à-vis development of specifications for digital health services; What is the role of certification in relationship with other organizations?
  • How do you see the HL7 user communities evolving into the future?

Looking forward: Strengthening the HL7 Expert Community in Europe, Giorgio Cangioli, Technical Lead, HL7 Europe.
Celebration of HL7 Europe 10 years
Walter Suarez, chair HL7 International

  • Recognize Ed Hammond for setting HL7 Europe in 2010.

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