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Chair:  Christof Gessner

Scribe: Christof Gessner  

NOTE: This attendance applies if you are present at the related meeting/call, regardless if you have signed a different attendance for your WG. 





Catherine Chronaki

HL7 Europe Secretary General

José Costa Teixeira

HL7 Belgium

Roman Radomski

HL7 Poland

Giorgio Cangioli

HL7 Italy

Jens Kristian Villadsen

HL7 Denmark

Rik Smithies

HL7 UK (guest)

Ben McAlister


Stefan Sabutsch

HL7 Austria

Kai U. Heitmann

HL7 Germany (guest)

Alexander Berler

HL7 Greece

Mikael Wintell

HL7 Sweden

Christof Gessner

HL7 Germany

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Opening and role call

  • Welcome
  • Quorum confirmed.
  • Agenda presented and agreed upon.

History of ESAB

  • Christof gives overview of ESAB, established 2015, regular meetings since, somewhat less regular in the last year.
  • Question: What about ETAC? Answer: It did not yet materialize, we should review requirements in the context of new HL7 Europe governance.

Activities of HL7 Europe Office

  • Catherine reports on past and ongoing activities of HL7 Europe (see presentation)

Workplan for 2020 Q4 – 2021

  • Hl7 Europe is in its tenth year now, proposal to organize an anniversary event later in 2020.
  • HL7 International Board decision was Dec. 2019, defining a new board structure of HL7 Europe/HL7 Foundation.
  • Some board members were already appointed, according to the new rules:
    • 3 members appointed by the Executive Committee after consulting with the HL7 International Board every 2 years replacing the ones that roll-off the board for continuity.
    • 3 members to be elected by the European Strategic Advisory Board every two years ensuring at least one remains the same when the board changes
    • 3 members appointed by the Secretary General of HL7 Europe Foundation in alignment to HL7 International Board practice.
    • Ex-officio members with vote
      • CEO of HL7 International
      • Executive Director of HL7 International
      • Secretary General of the HL7 Europe Foundation
      • Technical Lead for HL7 Europe Foundation
    • The HL7 Europe board of directors plan quarterly meetings (virtual), and an annual retreat
    • Catherine explained the responsibilities of the directors (see presentation).
    • Questions and discussion:
      • Kai: changes are welcome, we should not look back, but embrace future.
      • Roman: Will the role of ESAB change in the future? Answer: ESAB is essential as embodiment of the group of the European HL7 Affiliates, giving them a formal vote within HL7 International and towards HL7 Europe. The role of ESAB to coordinate and support the Affiliate membership should be reviewed under the new HL7 Europe conditions.
      • José: Collaboration between Affiliates is an important task for HL7 Europe.
      • Catherine: The change puts more focus on Europe, to implement HL7 in Europe more consistently.
      • Giorgio: HL7 Europe board, ESAB and Affiliates should work together, identify activities and act.

Board Member Nomination and Election

  • Following initial efforts of the appointed nomination team earlier in 2020, five persons were nominated.
  • After some discussion and clarifications, the attendees agreed on proceeding with the election as planned. eVote per eMail was accepted as the appropriate voting procedure for this remote ESAB meeting.
  • It was remarked that procedures for nominations and elections in ESAB should be expressed more clearly, and followed more actively by the Affiliates.
  • While there was general agreement that it is important to enable a functional board of HL7 Europe as soon as possible, the group was concerned that awareness of the Affiliates should be raised with respect to the role of the board and for future elections.
  • In this situation, the group agreed to regard the current voting towards an interim representation while an improved nomination and voting process is put in place that ensures we get as full a participation and representation from ESAB as possible. This is also required to establish a mode for „rolling on and off“ directors via annual elections, as required by the HL7 Europe terms of reference. We agreed that we wish to limit the terms of service to one year for all three elected positions for an initial interim phase, and pursuit an election with wider European Affiliate participation within one year.
  • The election per eVote was performed immediately after the meeting ended
    • 8 European Affiliate representatives voted in the election of three members of the HL7 Europe Board of Directors, three votes per Affiliate.
    • The board members elected by ESAB are:
      • Jens Kristian Villadsen (HL7 Denmark)
      • Line Saele (HL7 Norway)
      • Christof Gessner (HL7 Germany)
Catherine will follow up and contact the elected persons in order to ask for formally required material (proof of address, disclosure form, etc.)

ESAB Executive Committee Elections

  • postponed to the next ESAB meeting


Meeting ended 17:15 h CEST

 Adjourned at 17:15 h CEST

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