The HL7 Foundation established in Brussels in 2010, addresses European standardization needs in the area of digital health. It works in close cooperation with European Affiliates and supports the creation of health information technology standards that are widely and easily used enabling interoperability in healthcare.

Specifically, the objectives of HL7 in collaboration with its Affiliates established in European Countries are:

  • promote and encourage the use of HL7 frameworks and protocol specifications that serve the needs of the European community by health systems and service providers;
  • provide education services, promote tools and facilitate testing and certification.
  • enable high quality, cost-effective use of information systems in the widest variety of health and healthcare related environments.

The HL7 Foundation has been actively involved or coordinated a range of EU funded actions in the area of interoperability such as eStandards, Trillium Bridge, open Medicine, Antilope, Expand, eHGI, and currently Trillium II scaling up adoption of patient summaries.

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