EST Work Group Agenda / Minutes

Date:  09-14-2017

Facilitator:  Brian Pech

Note Taker:  Brian Pech




Andy StechishinCANA Software & Services
 David BurgessLabCorp
 Jeff BrownASCO
 Michael van der ZelHL7 Netherlands
 Nat WongHL7 Australia
xBrian PechKaiser Permanente
xWayne KubrickHL7 International
 Laura MitterHL7 International
 David Johnson (DJ)

HL7 International

xDave HamillHL7 International
xLorraine ConstableConstable Consulting


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Strategic planning

Tactical objectives


1) Designate an electronic way for group sign ins for meetings

2) EA Cloud server for EHR functional model tooling

3) Group Chat - Zulip developer has offered to set one for free for

4) GitHub - Lorraine

1) Designate an electronic way for group sign ins for meetings - we need to do this for the New Orleans WGM - use Confluence for work groups to track attendance at WGM meetings

Plus this is a way to get more Confluence uptake.

Dave Hammill - we need to make a permalink on the additional resources tab of work group's home page that will take them to their Confluence page


2) EA Cloud server - Sparx will do it for HL7 for a nominal yearly fee and allow groups to store models in the cloud, eliminating the need to pass models around in emails. This will also simplify the current HL7 EA licensing process. For example, EHR functional model tooling would benefit from this.

Lorraine adds we will have to think about how we structure models and spaces. We can do a test case on a small HL7 model.

3) Group Chat - Zulip developer has offered to set-up/host a server for use of for free. This will be distinct from Likely,

The target will be to have a pilot by end of October. The goal would be to have some pilot work groups using this by the New Orleans WGM.

4) GitHub - Lorraine begins a discussion of use of Git. We looked at the HL7 organizational on

Admins are David Johnson, Grahame Grieve and Andy Stechishin. (Andy is not an Admin on Git for HL7).

There are 4 levels of administrations - Admin, Team Maintainers, Developer Committers, and public read only.

DJ has associated your account with the HL7 organization to all a person to have commit access.

The proposal is to set up a team at a work group level and designate at least one team maintainer for each work group.

A team maintainer could set up sub-teams as needed and add team members.

Do we set up a default read me mark down page? What do we want on this page? Is it different depending on the project or work group?

CIMI is planning to move copies of their artifacts over to the HL7 GitHub space.

We need to define settings for work groups when we set up their GitHub team.


Do we want to move from SVN (gForge) over to GitHub? How do we assure resources are backed up properly?

CIMI, CDS set up, projects for FhIR IGs


Known other HL7 related projects on private GiTs:,, SMART on FHIR, FHIR build process is on SVN


To set up an HL7 Git association, DJ needs to know a person's name, GIThub account info (likely their email), their email address, and who are the team maintainers.

We looked at a proposed document describing how apply for an HL7 associated GIT repository.


Wayne Kubick - Look at using Bitbucket to supplement GitHub.



Adjourned at 10:10.






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