A File Storage S3 Connector has been added to Work Group and Governance Group spaces in Confluence.  This File Storage will allow groups to store, organize files and share files with all participants of the group in a single place. The File Storage should be used to store material for which creating a Confluence page is not appropriate, for example, presentations, PDF documents, videos, etc.  It should not be used for material that can be captured on a Confluence page, for example, meeting minutes, agendas, SWOT, Mission and Charter, Action Items, Project Requirements, etc.

This File Storage will replace the document repository on the HL7 website going forward.

Groups are encouraged to review and clean up Confluence pages and move files to the File Storage.

Important Notes about Videos

  • Access to the Video may not be accessible to external audiences
  • There is no way to restrict access to videos


  • Currently WG Co-chairs (HL7-trusted-users) have the ability to view, create, rename and delete content in the File Storage
  • Anonymous users can view
  • Jira-Core-Users (anyone who has a JIRA log in) - can create and view

How To

Find File Storage in Confluence Space

  • The page in your Confluence Space for File Storage is called "File Storage - S3 Connector".  You can find it in the Page Tree on the left hand side of your space.

Create a Folder

You can create multiple folders and sub-folders in your S3 Storage.  It is suggested that you decided on a naming structure before you start.

To create a folder, click on the "Create Folder" button on the left hand side.

Give your folder a name and click "Create".

Create a Sub-folder

To create a sub-folder, click into the parent folder, and then click "Create Folder" and give your sub-folder a name.  Click "CREATE".

Give you folder a name. For display purposes, please limit length of name to 25 characters or less.

Add a file to a folder or sub-folder

You can add a file to your parent space, a folder or a sub-folder but clicking "UPLOAD" or by dragging and dropping your file.

If you want to add the file to a specific folder or sub-folder, make sure you are in that folder first.

Delete a file or a folder

To delete a file or a folder, click on the garbage can icon on the right hand side under actions.  

Click "DELETE" to confirm the deletion

TIPS about deletions:

  • If you accidentally delete an object, please contact webmaster@hl7.org for recovery. 

Move a file

To move a file from one folder to another, you must delete the file in the original folder and upload it to the folder.  If an entire folder needs to be moved, please reach out to webmaster@hl7.org

TIPs about moving a file

  • make sure you download the file first so you have a copy and then upload it to the new parent folder.

Edit file, sub-folder, or folder

You can edit the name of the file, sub-folder or folder by clicking on the "pen" image on the right hand side

Link to a file from a Confluence page

To link your file to a page, right click on the file and then select "Copy Link address"

Paste/insert the link on the desired page. 


  • Store files in the File Storage - S3 Connector and link to the file from other pages
  • Do not upload files to individual pages
  • Use for storage of content that is not suitable for capturing on a Confluence Page - for example, presentations, PDF documents, videos, etc
  • Do not use to store documents that can be captured on a Confluence page, for example, meeting minutes, agendas, SWOT, Mission and Charter, Action Items, Project Requirements, etc.
  • Maintaining multiple versions of content
    • To reduce the size of the storage space, it is suggested that only the latest version of an artifact is maintained.
      • There may be exceptions to this where it is important to keep multiple versions (for example, PDF of ballot material), but for presentations, etc, the latest version should be sufficient.
  • When moving a file from one folder to another, download the file to you local computer first and then delete.


  • Can I link to a document or file in a folder or sub-folder?
    • Yes, but you will not be able to find the document by clicking on the "insert link" icon.
    • To link a Confluence page to a document or file in an S3 folder or sub-folder, go to the document, right click on the link and select "copy link address".  Paste that link on the Confluence page


  1. Suggestion:  Since all HL7 WG's share some common documents (e..g, governance, three year plan, PSS projects, meeting attachments, etc. etc. etc.), it would be useful (and helpful to co-chairs) to have a simple common folder structure for the shared stuff.  Otherwise, we will (probably already have) put the same stuff in whatever folders we decided to use ... and guaranteed to be (a) different from the other WG's, and (b) The Right Way of doing things!

  2. Does this replace the documents list on non-Confluence locations (like http://www.hl7.org/Special/committees/pher/docs.cfm)? Public Health uses this location for "members only" documents for pre-publication review and such.